My game keeps crashing

Whenever it gets to the logging in screen (past the optimizing shders) it just crashes. it gives a message that reads: “Video driver crashed and was reset! make sure your video drivers are up to date. Exiting…” My video driver version is 451.48. However it has been doing this for a long time. it usually takes about 3-5 launches to launch properly but today it just wont launch. it also did it with the previous version of drivers. i thought it would be fixed with this new verison but i guess it just got worse.

I am running an EVGA 1080Ti stock clocks (had a +100MHz core and a +250 Mhz MEM but disabled that because i thought that was causing stability problems. Now its just power+temp limits to the max + stock clocks), with an 8700k on an asus ROG STRIX z390 gaming e and 3600MHz trident z 2x8 XMP on. power supply is solid, CPU and GPU are relatively cool 50C CPU and the card is not even hot by the time it crashes 47-55C. Its runnig on activated WIN10 pro. Launching on EPIC. If you need more info let me know.