My gear page is bugged help!(pc)

hi i opened a loot box it said “you earned coins theyre worth 0” and now i cant get rid of the coin by selling it or anything so i can’t even open my loadout pages! amny help

Someone found the golden ticket.


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yes !

Found the problem, buy Jennerit or LLC packs like you SHOULD and this wouldn’t happen. :smiley:

Filthy Eldrids…

got as lvl 30 reward

Had the same after opening an Eldrid pack on ps4

what did u do

I have the same problem right now, just hit lvl 30 and this thing occurred, how to fix this?

I just got on here to see this it’s happening to my buddy right now with his level 30 eldrid pack. This needs a fix he said buying other loot packs are not working either. We are on Xbox btw

Great that you gave us a picture @getinthegame1 - this looks really like a weird bug o.o

I wonder if its bound to the lvl.30 reward package, already 3 people on this topic with the same issue…

@JoeKGBX did something like this ever happenend to you guys over on GBX? Seems worth a look for possibly fixing :heart:

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A commando pack is rewarded for rank. Just saying…

I’d sell mine before opening it. Filth.

(just kidding, gimmie da loots!)

jokes aside this is a serious issue i can no longer play if this doesnt get resolved. no access to loadouts pages

Nothing, I’m stuck with it

Haven’t seen this one yet, but it seems like a good one for us to get some documentation on for sure.

@getinthegame1 – if you don’t mind, reach out to our support team: and they’ll look into this for you.

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same exact issue but i got my pack from the end of mission 3. but all else is exact same I cant access my loadouts

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Thanks for the fast reply Joe! ^^
Here another topic from a XB1-player with the same issue, to keep things together for documentation :slight_smile:

Hope ya guys doing great over there :heart:

PS: Found another topic around the same bug:
-> You got some coins with 0 value

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Mine was lvl 30 award as well.

Luckily I´m not at CR30 yet (damn work gets in the way all day -.-) but if I reach it the next days I think I´ll not opening my pack until GBX says its fixed.

Good thing a Dev aleady jumped in here, gives hope they may fix it soon.