My god-roll(?) yellowcake build

So I was just trying out some new weapons in Mayhem Mode level 8 in the Droughts SunSmasher bandit camp, took out Fish Slap and got a YellowCake 35478x2 with 300% damage on targets above 90% health. Holy crap haha. Combined with my class mod which has +35% Heavy Weapon damage and +11% COV Weapon damage, and my artefact that does +40% Area-of-Effect damage and +50% magazine size, feels pretty godly!
Just tried it on Gigamind Mayhem level 11, 1st shot wiped his shield and a small part of his health, few more quick shots he was dead in seconds. Pretty cool :slight_smile:
Edit: Tried it again and 1 shot took him to just a sliver of red health lol :slight_smile:

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Thats far from god-roll, max dmg is 46k x2.


Oo cool thanks for the heads-up. That’s what I was hoping for by posting, to compare what I have to what other people have found. Nice.

Still that’s pretty good, I’ve gotten a few 300/90 annoints on YC but I’ve never gotten one x2 with that anointment.

So mine does like 42k x1, so the damage on that x2 variant is nothing to sneeze at (until the inevitable nerf haha)

I was lucky and got the max pretty fast. At least couple drops x2 with +40k dmg and 300/90 anointment in total.

You can get a lunacy wirh aoe i think if u want that sorta thing. I only get it in two stats

What’s mag size doing for a CoV weapon? But yeah, don’t ask me for my strongest I’ve never seen a yellowcake with 300>90 with x2 ever.

O yea haha, magazine size is doing nothing haha. Just the 40% damage. Face palm :slight_smile:

on mayhem 8 it kinda is a god roll. if they were on mayhem 10 then yah I can see why you disagree but for that M lvl it’s godlike

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