My Golden Key total suddenly increased from about 68 to 241

I knew that there was some kind of problem if you have too many Golden Keys. I was keeping my total under 250 and saving them in case I ever got a character to OP8. A month or so ago, I was down to about 225 keys when some new Shift Codes came out. I added a pair of 5 Golden Key Shift Codes, but my total keys did not increase. I figured I just lost those 10 Golden Keys, and decided to spend some until I was below 200. I think I was at around 180 or 190 when the latest batch of Shift Codes came out. I added one of the 5 Golden Key Shift Codes, but again, my total number of Golden Keys did not increase. Bummer.

I decided to just spend all of them and see if the Shift Codes would work if I had zero Golden Keys. I had some characters at different levels, so I started filling up their slots with Purple loot. I got down to about 68 or so Golden Keys when something weird happened.

After loading the game to start spending down more of my Golden Keys, I got the “New Golden Key Available” message!

“You have 241 golden keys(s) now available for use!..”

Sure enough I had gone from 68 Golden Keys to 241 Golden Keys. I spent the keys down to 191 and added the Shift Code. It worked! Now there are 196 Golden Keys!

This is on a PC with Steam.

I’m wondering if there was a patch or if anyone else noticed something like this happening.

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I got a ton of Golden Keys randomly when I transferred from PS3 to PS4 but that was after that transfer.

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I recently contacted GBX because I was not receiving Golden keys any more while staying under 255. Apparently I have around 60 that would make an appearance if I spent some keys from my current stock.

So if you have put shift codes in while already near 255 they stay “in reserve” and appear to you once it is possible for them to do so, or something like that.