My Green Monster Build Experiment

My most enjoyable and sustainable build so far in Normal M4 and TVHM M4. However I can’t tell if the COM’s Corrosive Damage bonus is significant.

Long Story:
Yesterday I was bored at work and decided to do some research with alternative Moze builds. One random article or video caught my eye: Bottomless with Matched Set. I’ve played with Green Monster before and didnt like it – but not with Bottomless + Matched Set (including grenade set).

The gist of my build is basically:

  • Max Matched Set in Bottomless Tree
  • Loadout:
  • 4 Vladof weapons (2 Faisor, 1 Lucian, 1 Ion Cannon)
  • Purple Vladof grenade (throws enemies up and down)
  • Big Boom Blaster
  • Green Monster with +5 grenades (This was last night. This morning I got a better one)
  • Corrosive Deathless
  • Use BBB to replenish my shield and grenades (I had a good time with it with my previous SoR focused build)
  • Playstyle: Aim for the head, circle strafe, play like SWAT, sometimes play like Rambo.

So with this build I mowed down the whole Lectra City, Anvil, and half of DLC (it was late already) WITHOUT reloading. The only time I had issues was when I didn’t realize there were 3 anointed enemies and I got trapped by that purple orb thingy.

The Vladof grenade I got from Marcus last night was unique because it’s not the usual hex effect. It’s like a triple firehouse when thrown on the ground but it’s most notable feature is it sucks enemies down and throws them up and down. So everyone who tries to get close are stopped on their tracks. Those suicidal maniacs are halted immediately.


  • No reload literally
  • I am able to do more damage over time
  • I have shield survivability and consistent grenade stock with Big Boom Blaster
  • I think I am doing more damage against my pure SoR build (with same item set)


  • Since I am constantly firing and throwing grenades left and right, it’s hard to see what’s happening on the screen. (This morning I started doing just burst fire and throwing one grenade at a time)
  • Vladof weapons’ handling aren’t that perfect (the mag size though are grear)
  • I can’t tell if that extra corrosive damage in my COM were really significant. All I know is I am mowing down enemies and you see their HP drop quickly.

I got all these items by farming. I don’t trade and I play in XBox.

This morning I got a better COM (25% weapon dmg and 31% heavt weapon) but the experience I have shared earlier was based on a COM with no extra dmg modifiers but it did have +5 grenades.

Also I am sharing my favorite Faisor and Ion Cannon. I only use the Ion Cannon against ultra tanks or when I am cornered but it’s mostly Faisor/Lucian.


Edit: I thought I uploaded everything

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So you are finding survivability with this build? Its pumping out enough damage? Do you have to proc annoitments to make it work?

I believe the Green Monster adds up to 100% of your gun’s base damage in corrosive damage. It takes about 10-15 seconds to fully ramp up to that.

If accuracy/handling is an issue, have you tried any Vladof guns that come with a bipod attachment? There is the Shredifier and Dictator, but you can also get it on purple ARs like the Bezoomy.

So you are finding survivability with this build? Its pumping out enough damage? Do you have to proc annoitments to make it work?

So far the survivability is great but I attribute that more in BBB and proper positioning. I didn’t see much difference in survivability with my previous SoR/Deathless focused build.

I think I’m pumping enough damage to kills mobs in Mayhem 4 but not enough damage as you would see from the Youtube influencers (I will observe tonight and time how long it takes). I haven’t proc annointments intentionally yet with this build.

Again this is subjective perception on my part.

If accuracy/handling is an issue, have you tried any Vladof guns that come with a bipod attachment? There is the Shredifier and Dictator, but you can also get it on purple ARs like the Bezoomy.

I’m trying to practice and be better at handling Faisor/Lucian. I feel I haven’t really yet “be in one” (for the lack of term) with these guns. I got some anointed Dictator and I will try those tonight. I got two Shredifiers but they lack elemental bonus, and that’s why I’m not using them.

I could always switch to something like DAHL set. I never had problems with accuracy and handling with them.

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I use a double fire shredifier with a 50% corrosive ASE and the Green Monster. With a 50% shock grenade ase as well, it melts flesh super hard. I dont know exactly why but it’s just really strong. I honestly use it as my primary for mobbing and dont have to swap much unless i REALLY need to optimize. The green monster is pretty dang good for people who dont wanna use splash damage.

EDIT - that’s a really great com btw. I think if you use a hex or something, you can get the extra corrosive dmg to proc on the ion cannon, though, i’m not sure the rules the com goes by to be honest. maybe just charging the cannon is enough, since you’re technically holding down the trigger?

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I’ve just finished the Moxxi DLC in TVHM Mayhem 4. I’m surpised it went faster and smoother than when I played it in Normal Mayhem 1(yes 1). Probably it’s because I am more equipped and more experience now.

Also with this new build I never had problems mowing down the Hyperion bots and CoVs with my Faisors. The only time I reloaded was against that giant Claptrap. I was mainly using a Cryo Faisor against the bots and I can see the corrosive damage working over time (due to the GM com).

MK Fabricator and Jackbot were easy kills this time than when I was mainly focused on SoR build.

So far here’s the damage I’ve seen:

  • Against Loco Chantelle, with a shock ION cannon, I am able to reduce her hp to 50% of the red bar (her armor and shield are literally obliterated)
  • Survivability is practically easy with the BBB. The only time I need to lookout for are those shock bots that charge me. I switch to transformer if I see there’s too many of them just to avoid accidents.
  • I’d say I am doing enough damage - not godly like the Youtubers - but probably more than the common joe.
  • The grenade mod does make a difference in your playstyle. I like my purple singularity Vladof grenades because it disrupts any mob from attacking me (unlike my Cloning Hex). I can constantly disable a badass while shooting them endlessly.

I wish I could get an incendiary ION Laser with the 5% damage increase per kill. With hex grenades giving extra hits and the ION Laser only needing Redistribution and a bit of extra mag size to basically fire endlessly (no Forge needed!), it’s become my favorite weapon. Especially when I release the projectiles into an enemies face and see an extra 200k corrosive damage pop up.

I believe releasing and firing while Hex grenades are going keeps the damage from resetting (too much) at least. It’s hard to test on the Jack dummy, though, because the Hex grenades don’t activate on it.

My current build is similar, but I’m using Tenacious Defense instead of Forge due to the ION Laser regen being so strong.

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