My Guide to Playing Advanced Mode

Note: If you just got the game play every mission on normal mode before playing Advanced.

I’m not sure if someone has really made something like this, I looked and didn’t really see one so I decided after weeks of frustrating matches that I would share whatever knowledge I have on the subject.

First I want to state a few basic things that may seem obvious to some but are most certainly not obvious to most.

1.) Advanced mode is hard.

This may seem obvious but some people don’t seem to get that coming into it.

2.) Difficulty scales with the amount of players involved.

For whatever reason 4 players seems to be the optimal number for maximum difficulty without absolute absurdity. 5 players is nearly impossible with a group of randoms unless you are on the Sentinel which is in my opinion the easiest mission in the game.

3.) Some Battleborn may not be usable in this mode.

You may notice that many people prefer to play tanks in this mode, that is because the enemies are very strong and Ronin bots like to make you call them daddy before killing you. More on this subject later.

4.) Supports exists

At least one of you needs to pick one, It’s just a fact unless you have a team of all sustain characters and even then it’s important to have one.

5.) Some enemies are five times more powerful than they were in normal mode.

The aforementioned Ronin bots are evil incarnate, the Varelsi as a whole are much more potent, and evolved thralls will annihilate almost any character if they are surrounded.

This might get a bit long so I’ll post this up and just make my following posts a continuation.

On the subject of playable Battleborn

It is important to note that if you are good with a certain Battleborn you will likely be good with it in Advanced mode. Do not late haters deter you. Just laugh as your damage done is a 100k higher than theirs as they cry salty tears in their wrongness.

That said in my opinion these Battleborn are exceedingly hard to play on Advanced

Toby: unless you are godlike with him, and I’ve seen a few, you will have a rough time playing with him.

El Dragon: I have literally seen no one play him well on Advanced including myself. He can not take a hit and generates too much threat to be viable. His damage is ok, but not enough to offset the amount he takes.

Ambra: I love Ambra, she is my best Battleborn and my bae of bae’s. However she is hard for some people to play right and unless you have her mechanics down she will likely just bring the team down.

Reyna: Honestly I think she should just be used in pvp. Her heals and shields are only really single target and her damage output isn’t really enough to justify her use. Some people might be good with her but I’ve yet to find a useful Reyna in Advanced.

Pheobe: She will die, then die, then die again. Late game she does ok with some item upgrades but before that it’s just death after death after death.

Melka: To be honest I’ve never seen her used a single time even in normal mode. She may be the weakest of all the Battleborn currently in existence. She won’t die all the time because she has good escape but her damage is so low I’ve just never been able to use her effectively.

I’m sure people have other hated characters but these are the ones that I feel will do poorly. But again, if you are good with them don’t listen to me. Just do you.

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On the subject of missions and strategy.

As far as I’m concerned this is the order of levels in terms of overall difficulty.

The Sentinel
The Voids Edge
The Renegade
The Algorithm
The Archive
The Experiment
The Heliophage
The Saboteur

The last three I consider to be about the same difficulty depending on team size and composition.

Overall strategy:

For the love of all that is good stick together. I’ve seen level 100’s just run off and die while cursing the rest of the team for not being good. The team that stays together lives together. Make sure you prioritize distance by your support. Miko is fast but you cannot be its only concern.

Tanks hold the line with your melee companions. Even as Montana you really need to be up there or your melee units will die. Tis better for you to be taking damage than Rath until he’s like level 7 then you can just let him do whatever.

When defending any structure or unit please have at least one person on the point or you will likely lose. Thralls can and will sneak up on it. Also make sure any ranged units are taken down first as they will be doing most of the damage to that structure. Most importantly know where the enemy will spawn. On the Saboteur this is critical.

I’ve played lot of el dragon on advanced and he’s really good because of his aoe, he usually leads in kills and damage. A slow starter but strong finisher.

Ambra is really good as well my first time ever using her was in advanced story and post nerds had no issues with her at all.

Phoebe is like 'em dragon, weak to start but insane at the end.

To the topic, please forgive my newbosity. CR25, had the live game less than 2 weeks. Played exclusively solo. Best toon is OM at rank 13.

I’ve played through one mission so far on Advanced, and it was The Algorithm.

Was it harder? A little. It’s what I feel ‘NORMAL’ should be. Not as tough as the mid- and late-50s in BL2, on UVHM (slag everything and pray to RNGesus).

Seems like the enemies got more health. That’s about all I noticed. Took a LITTLE longer to finish the mission, and minions were a little tougher early on.

So, if you want to be worth a hoot to a team effort at advanced levels, then skip any normal runs (except farming, and do that on hardcore at least). Run your practice solos on advanced hardcore and take a couple normal-diff practice runs with friends before the big show.

Definitely appreciate what you’re on about here, and would like to contribute:

Work critical spots. On advanced, you need to be hitting crits, not just hitting. This is why I’ve been successful with Toby in advanced. I don’t even feel like my Toby game is THAT great, but he packs powerful crits.

Contrariwise, this is why I don’t really like Ambra for Advanced. Her Staff locks on, but it can’t score crits. Guys in advanced just have too much life and hit too hard for her to drain them out successfully.

Reyna I DO like in advanced because she heals in bursts. Overshield and 300+ health, instantly. It’s much more likely to save a friend than Ambra or Miko’s healing-over-time. If you have her Lore Legendary, the Snazzy Timepiece, she can also tick-heal people back to full in between encounters. Plus her Priority Target is REALLY useful for helping your friends in laying out the big boppers of advanced.

Mostly, advanced just forces you into playing roles more intently. In normal, most every Battleborn can handle any kind of bad guy, even in swarms. In advanced, the increase in damage and life means you need to know your role, and stick to it. This can be hard in PUG groups.

It also can get difficult if someone goes freelancing for kills or loot. If somebody runs right into the teeth of the enemy, you may just have to let them use up a life. Too many times you see somebody Leeeeeroy Jenkins their way in, and if you go in for the revive, you’re in a body bag too. So is the guy who goes to revive you. This happens altogether too much on Heliophage advanced, or the Thrall fiesta at the beginning of Sentinel. Somebody goes and triggers ALL the various clusters, and before you know it the party is wiped. Bottom line: stay within arms reach of each other. Not so close that one AoE from a Thrall Brute KO’s 3 of you, but close enough to get revives and NOT trigger new clusters of baddies from swarming on you.

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I would talk about Pheobe or El Dragon with this in mind. If you can’t reach end game because they are dragging you down then what’s the point of having them? About 80 percent of my Advanced modes end in the first 10 minutes of the game.

That said it also depends on how many people you have. I don’t think either of those champions could survive with a five man group. At least I’ve never seen it.

I only put Ambra there because I’ve literally never picked her without someone saying “ugh, Ambra”

I’ve done it many times with them and really without issues. I have them both around level 8 and mostly just played advanced story with them.

Then that’s great, as I said before It’s about skill with many of these characters. If you’re not having issues with them then totally ignore me. But others might get on and be wondering why they can’t be effective with those characters.

My pvp record is just hovering around 50% I might be a bit about average, but I’m not pro or anything like that.

I just don’t think those characters are hard or bad. I have friends that also play them that are average gamers like me and they do fine with them.

I don’t really play El Dragon all that much, but I’ve played Phoebe successfully on nearly all the advanced missions. I find it’s very much about True Strike mobility, jab and move. That and, of course, landing criticals.

One of the things I find important in advanced story as a melee character is “turning” baddies, especially the big whoppers like MX Elites and Thrall Brutes. As you swing on them, pivot around so they’re forced to either show their back to you or your ranged friends. These guys have crit spots on the back, so with this kind of mobile flank you can ensure that at least one of you is working that spot. With her teleport and True Strike’s sidestep, Phoebe is quite good at this.

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For the most part I agree, but I would stipulate that most people aren’t scoring crits with every shot. Skill level plays a huge part in this game and I wanted to make a guide to help the people that make me want to punch through my television.

I would argue this about Ambra, if you are playing her for single target damage you are playing her wrong. I average about third place in damage every time I play her because she is an AOE character to the bone. Your sunspots can heal allies while increasing damage to enemies by 16%. When played right small mobs are a nothing to her and your team will thank you for it.

But like I said, it’s all skill based at a certain point.

Oh, I feel you about Ambra, don’t get me wrong. I make it rain sunspots when I play her, advanced or otherwise. :wink: I still just prefer Reyna and Alani as healers on most advanced missions because of the increased offensive potential via scoring critical hits more easily and the fact their healing comes in bursts as opposed to ticks. Miko has very strong tick-healing, and its crit damage is very nice, so I feel it is a good choice too.

As for it being skill-based, I fully agree. I’m just recommending the #1 INDIVIDUAL skill I feel is important for advanced success: work those crits!

I totally agree that Pheobe has great damage potential but I find her worth dependent on other people for survival. I can only speak to my own personal experience seeing her played but more often than not I have to waste most of my time as a support reviving her until the user inevitably leaves out of frustration.

I can really only speak to my own experience, things are likely different depending on what platform you are on and also what characters you frequent. Personally I’m a support main on the Xbox so my view is jaded by people who refuse to fight inside of a sunspot that is keeping them alive.

I can only really speak from my own experience on the Xbox. I would love to see people doing well with every character, and I’m sure they exist. I just haven’t really seen either of them used very effectively, and by effectively I mean within the top three on damage.

I’m on PS4, and I don’t really have a main, per se. Even a main class/category. I’ve played just about everybody, I’m a sucker for variety.

I think the main problem people run into with Phoebs is trying to play her like the other melee guys. You don’t have the security blanket of Rath’s lifesteal, or Gal or Bolder’s shield, or the overall survivability.

Best way I can think to describe Phoebe is not as a melee character, but as a ranged character with VERY short range. So just as wouldn’t just try to stand up in a shooting rangefest with a mobile shooter like Orendi, Marquis, heck, pretty much anybody but Monty or ISIC, you can’t just wade into a horde with Phoebe. She needs to stick and move, and if you see a herd, hunt like lions or wolves do: peel and kill individuals, as opposed to standing in front of them and letting the wave break on you.

She DOES need the team to understand this is how she wants to work, so they’ve got to stay mobile as well.

I only ever really play with randoms which is likely why I’ve never seen a Phoebe do very well. There are just some characters that need coordination to work properly.

That said, there are for sure characters that DGAF about synergy like ISIC or Montana with gear. I had a damage competition with a random Montana and that was basically how I got through The Experiment on Advanced.

[quote=“TheRAbbi, post:7, topic:1540618, full:true”]Played exclusively solo.

Even advanced/hardcore solo runs are nothing like advanced/normal group runs. Solo is pretty much cake no matter what you’re doing of who you’re playing with. This is going to sound bad, but solo experience has negligible applicability to team play. Enemies are way tougher, spawns are bigger, different enemies spawn, and rezzing your friends is a legitimate concern (learning to rez allies without dying in the process is a skill you have to practice).

Not to sound rude, but I would definitely try running some group missions before trying to give out advice on how to move into advanced diff in group play.