My GunGun is still shooting "blanks." Where's my Hotfix? [RESOLVED]

So, I waited for the “Hotfixes Applied” sign, and returned to Sanctuary to try out the Gungun, and it is still only shooting greens and blues, and at only 10 eridium per shot. What am I not doing to load this patch/fix, or is it the game? Thanks!

If you downloaded the latest patch everything should work fine. After that you should see that you can toggle the firing mode, between standard and Legendary.

You should be on version of the game. If not, there’s an update you need to install.

It’s got a mode switch now, right? Like Torgue’s impact/sticky?

I think this is a fan-freakin’-tastic Eridium sink… it’s not “free farming”, but some dedicated, bonus shots at Legendary gear (world drops, I imagine) with whatever we scrounge across the galaxy.

Also, I do wish this gun did at least 1 damage point… I’m pretty bent on figuring out how to kill something with it.

Oh, holy crap! I didn’t even notice a toggle option. My post may be much ado about nothing - and just submitted a support ticket to 2K! Thank you, everyone who replied!

Oh, holy F*ck! I feel like an idiot! It works. Thanks everyone!

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