My guns got nerfed!

I had some great guns that got nerfed pretty bad and idk if it was really needed. I admit that the lvl 20 interloper shotgun with 330~/dps radiation and 75% chance was a lil op for the level… And my elderblast which was like lvl 36 and did 440~ corrosive dps had a huge splash radius went down to like 130.

They were a bit high but amara doesn’t seem op to me so I’m not sure why throwing her a few bones in the form of abnormally high DoT dps was a problem. DoT’s certainly didn’t seem op after about lvl 40. In fact, I’ve started to favor bullet dmg over DoT before the nerf because I could see the dmg ticking but didn’t really care much for the dmg but had to stick with it because amara.

Got to say, I kind of resent this. BL is all about finding abnormal guns with neat attributes ya? Where are my abnormal DoT’s now? I did have 1 gun that didn’t get nerfed though so maybe I should shut up about it.

oh, holy butts
yea, my interlopers got nerfed

i’ve been trying so hard to get another one, since i’ve been using the same level 44 one that i got while i’m level 50 since it’s just so powerful

but… eh

after farming so many legendaries and looking through all of them, i kept trying to farm for another interloper since i have not seen ONE since i got that level 44 one with radiation damage… well, except one with incendiary/corrosive, but i really wanted a level 50 radiation/cryo , or at least radiation

but i just… couldn’t find… any, at all

but, i suppose that’s fine, they kinda were “way” too powerful…

that just sounds bad, i have all these legendaries, yet i’m spending all my time sifting through purples looking for one specifically dummy stronk non-legendary?

i even kept looking for blues to find one… since i just assumed it was still going to be really powerful

so, yea, it’s kinda understandable

though, i wish they’d of stuck with just a nerf to damage, the status chance felt… unnecessary

i think it was like 91% status chance 2000 something damage/s
now it’s 61% chance and only 600/s

upsetting, but… pretty understandable

I had been trying to get one from the moment I saw someone post them and never managed to despite farming hundreds of legendaries from gravemind and the loot Tink. I sorted every purple every time. I’ll nevee get to experience them I guess

I could understand like a 20%-30% nerf on the DoT but they gutted it… Talk about heavy handed balance changes. The one gun I have that didn’t get nerfed is a double penetrating balogna poney green. It still does over 800 fire DPS @ lvl 36 but only has a 6% chance and only fires twice before reload. Please gearbox, don’t punish me for revealing this…

Alien barrel shotguns needed it I’m sorry
I had a blue alien barreled shotgun on my amara playing M2 level 50, it melted everything in sight, outcompeting basically everything in my kit for raw dps potential
On M3 I could use phase cast shot Katagawa ball once, hide for 3-5 sec and he was dead
Makes me very very sad but absolutely necassary

Perhaps it needed nerfed but did it really need to be brought down to the level of typical SMG’s? Is there aim really to eliminate high variation in elemental DoT’s?

I used 2 Interlopers for pretty much all the way from 27-50 and even for Mayhem 2 (and the second one was a level 43) and it was clearly way too OP. I mean, Insane OP. It was so OP, it made every other gun look bad…

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Perhaps they went a little far but you have to remember it’s a non unique shotgun with very high aoe pretty high base damage and a decent ammo pool, it shouldn’t be that ridiculous that it out competes most legendary, most annoited buffs and almost any heavy weapon


There’s still viable shotgun similiar to Interloper . It has weird lobbed shoot pattern that you have to get used to it but even with 44% chance to ignite, it procs pretty well.

last night my guns were unnerfed for some reason, hope that gun is still that good this morning. I do have 1 gun with 2k+ radiation still (lvl 45) but its only got a 7% chance. Might be some way to make the elemental chance high enough to matter

Not a Maliwan but I have a Maggie legendary. 546X6 dmg with 9 rounds. Was my best gun. Nerfed to 236 x 6. Thats less than half the original. The weapon description shows -56% weapon damage originally. Now is at -82%. Well thanks for nerfing it to ■■■■…

I can’t believe this! This is outrageous!! I finally found a good elemental gun I liked and I even stayed up late playing because it was so much fun. (and by late, I mean I played all night and the next day) Only to go to bed and wake up the next day and find out that my Interloper has lost 90% of its damaging capabilities!!! Wait, that means that the developer can go in and change the damage of the guns in the game whenever that want EVEN AFTER ive picked them up!!! And on top of that, I cleaned out ALL of my other really good shotguns after getting the interloper. ALL OF THEM… AS IN SOLD, GONE, NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN. Thanks gearbox, you just ruined the whole game for me. I’m going back to BO4 now and I doubt I’ll ever play this stupid game again.

The Maggie is bugged at the moment it’s not supposed to be that week, hopefully it’ll get fixed soon enough

At lvl 50

The interloper does 665 dmg… And consumes 4 AMMO PER SHOT?

But the shockwave does 645x9??

Methinx someone goofed?

Plz fix