My HGL Tournament Opinion

I learned more about BB advanced incursion strategies in 3 hours watching HGL tourney play than I’ve known in 3 months playing BB myself and scouring various boards.

Really amazing, and I really wish and hope more of these tourneys take place. I look forward to participating in them too.

Hats off to hellborn and ? for really visually showing myself what this game is capable of.

This is how BB can truly grow…by having these tourneys and making them known/public/widespread.

Im thoroughly convinced that this game is insanely deep and normal (even “advanced” normal) incursion matches only scratch the surface of the real strategy that this game is capable of when one 5 man communicating pre-made goes against another 5 man communicating pre-made.


I watched a bit here and there between my other regular nightly streams. Very different than watching other MOBA tournaments, as there is no early casual farming/building phase, team fights start right off the bat. It’s clear they’re still figuring out some things with this tournament, like if it’s a best of 3 thing or not. But still well done.

Makes me wish there was a standard downloadable replay system or ways to watch live public matches like other games so I could control the perspective myself. No better way to learn than watching good players.

Were any of the matches recorded by chance? Was not able to catch the stream.

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Oh man… What a mess this tournament was, but in the end it was worth it haha. We had to wait 1 hour after the tournament started because we got the “bye” status meaning there was no one to fight so we automatically got through the first round.

Towards the end, team “???” did not want to go up against us because they believed that since they won best of 3(2/3), they shouldn’t have to fight us again. They made up a couple of excuses but they themselves were in a public match. But that’s not how the bracket works so either they forfeit or go against us.

So yeah, this tourney took 10 hours.

Overall, this tourney was a bit disorganized but it was a good experience.


i also want to add that i was shocked at seeing the advanced meta as to how some characters are considered legit picks in tourney play that aren’t considered legit picks in normal incursion play in the queues. And visa versa.

It really makes me curious to see what a reyna can do in a truly advanced coordinated environment (as i love her playstyle but think she’s garbage tier when i solo queue…and i solo queue a lot) but alas i did not see any of her.

This was indeed a fun tourney but as @ShadowHaven said, it was pretty messy. I might actually join more in the future depending on the reward.

Reyna herself can be good if you know how to coordinate her Priority Target but she’s overall the worst support and generally isn’t a very good pick over other supports/healers.

Where do we go to watch these videos? I love me some incursion and would really like to learn more top tier strategies.

By chance were there any kelvins at the tournament?

Yes there were a few Kelvins.

Oh now I really got to watch it!

Well kelvin is top tier:)

Kelvin dance party!!! Go Kelvin, the micro-colony, it is your birthday!!!

I’ve been playing Kelvin since he was listed as D tier and always knew the critics well wrong about my boy Kelvin.

By far my favorite taunt in the game


You can watch the archive for the PS4 tournament here:

That used to be my favorite taunt until kelvin got his “Freeze! You have the right to remain taunted” booty shake taunt.

Thanks I will definitely watch it when I have time.

After watching the stream, I see that the duration was something that was commented on, and so I would like to voice my opinion about that here.

I hope that future online tournaments remain double elimination, however all of the finals matches (winners finals, losers finals, grand finals) should all be done on a separate day since the finals matches itself can take around 7 hours (as it did in this recent PS4 tournament).