My (hopefully) good idea

Firestorm needs a fix, my idea is that Firestorm bullets set the environment on fire setting up zoning and AOE that does let’s say, orendi fire walk with me fire damage, also the icebreaker helix (this change is not needed just a thought) could change to lumberjack dash setting a pool of fire at the end, or do the same amount of extra damage icebreaker does, but over time

@Jythri how do you feel about this change, and are there any plans to make firestorm better

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Nobody? Man I thought this was a cool idea

I like the latter half of this idea. I think the former might be a little strong, but as someone who’s never played him, I’m probably wrong

Yeah I agree it may be a little strong, but his turning movement is quite slow so I thought it would be fair, honestly I just really want firestorm to be viable

Firestorm is kinda viable - I usually pick it over Hailstorm in Meltdown, just because it’s a great fire-and-forget kinda thing that keeps ticking over. I agree though - Montana needs some AoE DoT thingies.

Only if you pick firestorm though

Edit: if the set everything on fire is to much, maybe where an enemy set on fire leaves a trail of fire until it goes away

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It’s a cool idea but I always kind of felt that hailstorm and firestorm are meant to be separated by pvp and pve.

Though making firestorm worth picking in pvp would still be cool

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Nah, no helix should be like that IMO, thanks for liking it though