My idea of an anointment rework

I’ve seen many comments saying how they don’t like the idea of farming for certain anoints on a gun. I’ve seen comments saying how they prefer farming for perfect parts, prefixes and elements of guns instead. My idea would make it so you can farm for the perfect parts, prefixes, elements AND anoints without having to farm bosses for ALL those things over and over again. My idea would also ensure eridium as an important endgame resource to farm and make grenade and shield anoints worth getting for those things specifically and not for only buffing the guns solely. This idea will also ensure the anoints that barely gets used will be used a lot more often and leaves more room for farming for specific parts and elements on guns.

  • Anoint rework idea - 3 tier anoint system

How this works is that there are 3 types of anoints. 1st tier is conditional, 2nd tier is a character specific action skill condition, and the 3rd tier is a straight up buff to the gun. Each tier is re rolled separably with eridium so you can re roll anoint of 1st tier without re rolling the other tiers. Here’s a list of anoints as an in game example on where each anoint falls into each tier:

  1. While airbourne, While sliding, 300% dmg above 90% HP, Under 50% HP gain 150 radiation dmg.

  2. Action skill end, Action skill active, When said action skill hits an enemy.

  3. Gain a bonus 100% elemental dmg, Gain 100% bonus splash dmg, Consecutive hits.

Something I have to note is that I want this 3 tier system to eventually get rid of bonus 50% elemental dmg on shield and grenades since they just feel like band aid to just make them feel they have a use rather than using anoints on buffing those items specifically.

If you took the time to read this, thank you and please leave feedback and other ideas that might help improve this system or points that might make the game worse.

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I like the idea,but I think the tier system would be too complicated for some,so the best thing to do is just spend X amount of eridium to reroll random anoint.

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