My Ideas for Borderlands 3

Here are some ideas I have for Borderlands 3. I think they would be cool, feel free to leave your opinion unless it will hurt my feelings and cause me to spiral into a deep dark depression
• Level Cap at 100
• No skill points(SP) until level 5
• Most skills have 10 levels
• Special 1pt skills do not add to the skill tree progression
• To unlock the 2nd tier of a skill tree you only need to invest 5 points
• You need to invest 10 points to unlock each next tier after that
• A way to give vault hunters armour (or a skill which converts health into armour type for a particular vault hunter)
• Make Raid bosses not stingy
• Make Raid bosses use different moves and tactics depending on mode
• Items & weapons can be coloured black instead of their normal rarity colour, indicating that they level up with the player (Able to be applied to any weapon from common - legendary)

I also came up with a corrosion based skill tree which might be fun to use:

Tier 1:
• Increase element chance & damage
• Increase melee damage & reload speed

Tier 2:
• Kill Skill – Shields regenerate & movement speed increase
• Special – Corrosion Nova with melee (Nova based off of Melee)
• Corrosion also has a chance of slagging

Tier 3:
• Splash damage radius increased
• Special – Enemies have chance to pass on their status effects
• Kill Skill – Increased Melee Damage
Tier 4:
• Crits make enemy more vulnerable to DOT
Tier 5:
• While an enemy is under your DOT you heal
Final Tier:
• Quintuple – When a DOT effect procs it acts as if the enemy is going through 5 DOTs