My Ideas to Improve Mayhem

Mayhem is a great addition to Borderlands, but I feel like it’s not implemented very well. I don’t think the player should ever be nerfed. It’s just not fun to have your build work, not work, or just be OP depending on what area you’re in and what modifiers are randomly active. The difficulty should come from the enemies being buffed. Diablo 3’s Torment levels ONLY buff enemies (combat wise) and it feels great gearing up and getting your build set up to go through the highest levels with ease.

The current buffs for enemies are pretty lackluster and don’t really do much to change up how fights play out, just how long they last. Here are some quick gameplay modifier ideas to spice up the enemies (some probably suck):
Enemies deal increased melee damage - Making simple Maniacs a threat
Enemies explode when they die from gun damage, damaing players
Goliaths turn enemies they kill into Goliaths - Risk being overwhelmed for extra loot
Enemies deal extra damage when affected by status effects
Enemies are infested with ratch eggs and spawn ratch when they die
Badasses turn into a tink version of themselves on death
Enemies deal greatly increased damage, but they have friendly fire
Enemy grenades turn into proximity mines when they land
Enemies have larger shields that shock nova when depleted
Enemy armor has a chance to deflect (not reflect) bullets (can hit other enemies for damage)
Enemies constantly regenerate health, unless affected by a status effect

The player buffs/nerfs could be moved to a temporary buff system like the Moxx-tails in TPS, or have the buffs randomly drop off enemies when they die, with a higher chance to drop from Badasses. It would be kind of like pylons combined with Nephalem glory globes from Diablo 3. Some temporary ~10-30 second buffs could be:
Double splash damage radius
Status effects spread
50% chance not to consume ammo
Killing an enemy grants cool-down reduction
Ability damage increased by 50%
Refill your grenades, and grenades have a random extra effect when thrown (mirv, bouncing, cash, transfusion, so on)
Every 3 seconds Nova a random element
Projectile counts are doubled
Enemies explode into cash/eridium when killed

These are just a few quick ideas that I think would turn Mayhem into a more fun moment to moment experience. Also I think that there should be a rare loot tink or chubby that drops a few guaranteed cosmetics (heads, skins, trinkets, decorations). Also also let us color weapon skins like player skins. (Also again did anyone inspect a gun and change tabs, you can see a parts breakdown for each gun, maybe one day we can change parts out, like reforging. That would be cool.)

I’ve seen a lot of threads and a lot of complaints about how Mayhem modifiers work. Instead, let’s create a list of modifiers that would make the game more difficult but really FUN. I’ll add some first but please help add some ideas and I’ll edit the post!

I know some of these would be very difficult (or even impossible) to implement but some could drastically change the game in a much better way than the boring increases to health/shields, lowering our gun damage, etc that are currently used.

Enemy effects:

-Super speed
-Enemies set off novas when they die
-Jet packs (except Anointed, that would be insane, haha)
-BA’s can copy your VH’s action skill and use it against you
-Super jump
-All enemies have lasers (creatures could also shoot lasers from their mouths)
-All enemies have the same function as Goliaths where they become enraged after shooting their head.
-Enemies glitch (blink in-and-out so that you can’t always hit them)
-New attacks; melee enemies can all tornado like BA pyschos (even creatures), NOG’s could rain fire down on us like the Rain Firestorm nade, etc
-Enemies can enter FFYL and revive each other
-Every time an enemy hits you they shrink in size (to a limit), making them harder to hit.
-Enemies can summon loaderbots

Player effects:

-Cursed by Kaleidoscope (vision is obscured by rotating color palettes)
-Rubber ducky mode (like CL4TP in TPS)
-Players can actually become frozen solid for 1 second by cryo dmg
-Every grenade you throw is also thrown back at you (so you better run fast after chucking one, haha)
-After killing an enemy a globe of darkness falls over you that you have to move away from to see again
-When in FFYL, emit radiation that makes it harder for allies to revive you
-AS cooldown is increased
-When you pull the trigger your entire clip fires
-When you shoot an enemy with an element, all that enemy’s attacks now deal that element to you


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I liked the gravity modifiers in the TPS thing. I’m not sure about Rubber Ducky - while I thought it was hilarious (and you could actually use it to your advantage) I’m not sure it would be worth the volume of complaints it would generate (based off similar complaints about the original)

I would like the percent incease and decrease modifiers removed . Just let the badass enemies equip random legendaries .