My impression so far

So i got my first char to lvl 50 and wanted to share my opinion

I really like what you guys have done with the weapons, like modifications, modes and looks, its great. I also do like all the different types of enemies and bosses, also well done. Another thing i like is the planethopping and the possibilities that come with it. So the overall surrounding and impression is great.

However the thing that i actually hate are most characters and also the story. There is has been only 2-3 serious moments in the whole story that is about 3-4 times the length of bl2 and the problem is i really couldnt feel those moments because everything that has happened in the story before was ridiculous.

  1. This Vaughn guy is an abomination. Really who can laugh about this guy. This is basically humour for 14 year olds. Not one sentence without trying to be funny.
  2. Why didnt you create a cool guy from Typhon Deleon, maybe like on the poster in sanctuary? Instead we get a dude that looks like Danny Devitos mentally disabled alcoholic cousin. Really had a shot here to create a badass the game badly needed, someone who doesnt try to deliver poor puns after another.
  3. If twitch needed a game to represent itself, this would be it. Basically everyone is about streaming and followers. Not that it wouldnt be annoying enough to have a story about streaming, the twins also share the same behavior as so many streamers do, mostly this game feels like cringeland 3.
  4. Katagawa also had to be a laughing stock? Why? I dont get it. Destroying a bakery and frozen yoghurt shop, embarassing. Wouldve embraced if katagawa instead just blew up the whole planet with vaughn on it. Can we have one serious moment in this game?
  5. You want to give me the feeling that the whole galaxy is going gown and basically during 99% of fights the whole team is missing? Brick had one appearance, same as mordecai and tina. What about krieg, salvador, axton and gaige? Not even mentioned? Since Roland died the last person to be taken seriously was lilith, who is now gone aswell. No logical explanation to why the group has separated in the first place and why they havent tried to regroup right in the moment they recognized the threat of the twins.
  6. The first vault was already a joke. You come back from the portal, stand next to everyone and watch how maya dies, without you being mentioned or involved or anything, that is just head-scratching stuff.

So many plotholes and far too many stupid jokes that arent even funny. The problem is that since the story just got much longer that if i want another character on lvl 50 i got to play around 40 hours to go through all this again.

Also what about this absolutely ridiculous droprate? I am legit farming for 30 minutes and get about 40-50 legendaries at worst, at best i get around 60-70. Since it is randomized anyway i can just go to loot midgets. This new luck mechanic has to be reworked, this is literally taking the spirit of borderlands away. If i get legendary weapons as fast as white weapons what is the point of the game?

And the last thing is where is the raid boss? There is no endgame. Trying to spawn vermivorous (if its is possible) would take an eternity and also we had him in bl2 already. So im sitting here with about 80-90 legendaries and have nothing to do.

I really want to like this game since ive been waiting for it like so many other people but the story is making it really difficult…


I though tought of this, more like what happend just before you came back out from the portal, more of an flashback of what happend.