My Initial Impression of the Maps and Overall Gameplay

Alright so, I’ve been playing for the past give or take 2-3 hours and I think that as far as gameplay goes, I am really enjoying it. I get a solid 120 FPS most of the time (still incredulous as to how they managed to get it to be so fluid) and most of my fights have been pretty fair. The issue that I have had the most though would be how easy it is to fall into the death pits! Literally, when I first started playing (and it still happens every once in a while) I always would slip into one of these holes because they are so difficult to distinguish from the normal terrain until it’s too late. So yeah, maybe it’s good to have the holes be so inconspicuous but in my opinion it’s a bit excessive… Otherwise I am really enjoying this game, card system kind of like Paladins and then the 1V1 aspect is (as intended) fairly refreshing.