My input after playing Fl4k

I’ll try to briefly summarize my thoughts about the experience of playing Fl4k.

I’ll start out with things which are poorly designed and don’t work as intended, and then I’ll add a few things which I think should work differently.

Flak’s pets are a mess. AI reacts slowly and melee types sometimes miss bites. Attack command has inconsistent delay. The jabber with a rocket launcher has absolutely no regard for it’s surroundings. It’ll pull out the launcher and fire in the direction of the target, even if there are obstacles in the path. I’ve also had the jabber pick up an explosive barrel and walk right in front of my line of fire, causing me damage.

All that could be forgiven, if the pets had decent survivability. There are areas and bosses (Mayhem 3) where the pet will die no matter what you do. I’ve tested it even without damage sharing and all regen skills active (with 5 extra points distributed among them with a class mod). The pet still died. This is very unfair for the character as a whole, because there’s nothing player can do to avoid this. After a pet dies, you can get a really hard hit to stats, depending on how you distribute points; 130% damage, 5% regen, 65% DMG resistance, movement speed and so on.

The best solution would be improving the AI and implementing pet commands (move to mark, attack, retreat, stay)
Alternative, although a little crude and drastic solution would be boosting pet’s hitpoints and damage resistance significantly, while maybe also allowing Fl4k to keep some of the improved stats while pet is on cooldown.

And lastly, having attack command on long-press action skill button is a really poor design choice for something that has to be activated during combat. It’s like having a long press for reload or grenade.

Now to things which I can’t objectively claim are bad, but which I do consider to be bad.

Sic’Em has very little benefit. Poor usability of the attacks, small reduction of an already short cooldown.

Eager to impress has very little benefit given how it works. By the time action skill cooldown ends, all enemies are often dead.

All My BFF’s should give more benefit to pet. Either by giving more regen or adding some extra health.

Not My Circus (Fade Away augment) has a very short range and poor usability. Not to mention duration.

Go For The Eyes doesn’t add and increase critical damage for the first pet’s melee attack, it boosts the damage of the first pet’s attack and marks it as critical. It’s the same effect as increasing damage by whatever amount, but it only does so for the first attack.

And finally, I feel that Fl4k’s kill skills are very situational. They should either last longer, or they should stack up until you activate them (long press action skill would be fine).

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In M4 no amount of regen can keep up with the damage from enemies. He Bites and Mutation helps, but Gamma Burst and Friend-bot are the only reliable ways to keep you pet alive in those levels.

I wish there was an option, in the skill tree menu, to toggle this to replace the grenade button (like how Zane’s second action skill does) or something. So, you’d go into the skill tree menu and press the button to “manage loadout” where (next to the pet selection) there’d be a toggle switch between “hold [action skill button]” and “tap [grenade throw button]”.

I also think using the attack command on a location, rather than an enemy, should send your pet to that spot, without using the attack command effect. It would allow you to send your pet to flank an enemy before telling them to use attack command. It’d also allow snipers to send their pet ahead to flush out enemies.

“Go sit over there and don’t die!!”. Would be perfect, sadly


Any build I make that utilizes the pet only had issues with m4 Wotan, there are plenty of good ways to grant survivability.

I don’t count on pets for very much at all. Sometimes enemies will cluster around the pet and you can shoot them from a distance for a while, which is helpful. They help me locate the spawns a bit, too. I have two fl4k’s – one with Fade Away stuff, the other with Rakk Pak stuff. I test builds & gear at the Slaughter Shaft (TVHM M4) & have much more trouble staying alive with my Rakk Pak build (red & blue trees) than with my Fade Away one (green & red trees). Biggest difference, for me, is that Fade Away lets me drop aggro and go off somewhere to recover shields & health when I need to.

I have done the takedown on m4 and the only place where my pet died was when he acted like a complete idiot and ran up to wotan. I was using fade away and the augment that reduces incoming damage to the pet by 80% when exiting fade away.