My Iron Bear Build

Obviously bear trooper for your Class Mod and for your artifact its not too important but I’m running with Victory Rush, I tried Deathless from my other build but it just doesn’t work. For Shields The Transformer is practically the best shield in the game so that works and I like using the Nagata because She’s not as tanky on her own the range and multiple hits allows her to full heal fast. This build is really fun especially since I have done nothing but Red blue Moze. Thanks Gearbox for the amazing buffs! Makes her the Mech Maniac she is meant to be. Some things can be switched around for personal preference but I think this is Ideal for both Moze and Iron Bear.

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If your running a complete Ib build then it’s good but I find that we still need DPS and survivability with moze outside of IB and your build doesn’t have that at all on M3. Your moze will be made out of paper and do literally no damage

2 days before this patch, i did a full clear on slaughter shaft with rocketeer class mod on mayhem 3 and i used a somewhat similar build setup for that, it’s definitely possible to do damage and survive. it’s not great and i died once or twice, but it’s doable - as for M4 though, yee not sure. maybe? IB did recieve some nice damage buffs.

Idk if anyone told u but the skill that increases cooldown rate actually makes it take longer currently so take points out of that AMD sadly stainless steal bear doesn’t increase bear damage for some reason so there is that as well

Has the issue with the cooldown actually been confirmed?

Cooldown issue has def been confirmed the annointed skill and explosive punctuation increase how long it takes to get it back

Do you have a source for that?

There was a post on the forum somewhere guy had timed how long it took with the CD skill it made it take 30 seconds longer

This post? Explosive Punctuation/Cooldown Reduction seems broken

The OP edited the original comment saying that after a restart he wasn’t seeing the issue anymore.

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All I can add to the IB cooldown debate is that my IB cooldown in combat is 1:02 out of 2 minutes which is is about 49% reduction.

All i have for CD reduction is a shield where kills increase CD rat e of IB by 30% and my guardian rank cd reduction 11%.

That’s 41% so I know those two work at least. No idea where the other 9% is coming from tbh

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