My issues with El Dragón

I play on the PC version, I don’t know if that matters or not. I was pretty excited to unlock El Dragón, but there were a couple disappointing things. His “Dropkick” move doesn’t seem to work for me, unless I’m just not understanding the execution… Is it just a secondary attack while sprinting? Because he still just claps on my screen. I’ve tried it standing, walking, sprinting, jumping while walking, jumping while sprinting, every time it’s just a clap. It seems like it should be easier to do since one of his augment levels is completely devoted to it.

Also, just a quality of life thing, but I’d like some counter up on the screen showing how many stacks of his passive you have. I can’t seem to notice one anywhere, so I figure there isn’t one and you’re just supposed to assume you’re buffed up.

I played a couple matches with him, and his damage seemed fine, he felt a little squishy, but I just felt that I was getting picked apart by all of the ranged damage before I could really get in and do anything. By the time I got to anyone, I was half dead and had to run. You have to save your clothesline as an escape, which means your splash is your best initiate save for just running in (which gets you picked apart in a second) but your splash doesn’t have the range to gap close unless you come in from the high ground which isn’t always an option.

I really REALLY wanted to like this champ, but it seems like he would only do well with a full team backing him or against people that have no clue what they’re doing. Anyone else can just play keep away and shut him down without really any effort. Am I wrong? What am I missing?

I play on the ps4, and I enjoy El Dragon a lot, so here’s a point by point on your questions.

Drop kick is achieved by pressing the standard melee button while sprinting. All characters have it, and it’s generally helpful to knock people back if they get too close.

For your buffing, look at your character’s arms. The lights in them slowly grow more bright, and begin to crackle with electricity. Eventually, they’ll glow a pure yellow, that’s when you’re fully charged.

When I play, I generally try to keep from the middle of the fighting, and pick off the stragglers, while also buffing myself by beating up the minions. I’ve nearly always have 10+ kills after a match, and only 1-2 deaths, unless my team was not the best. I’ve beat Gally 1v1 post patch, so I think that’s his zone, ambush and overwhelm. As for my opener, I use clothesline as my escape, opener with a knock up, and as a closer for people running. Not sure how good this is, but it works for me, I’m rank 26.

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Thank you! That’s super helpful! I was just messing around with him before I checked this and I finally did notice the glowing lights, but I didn’t know what that was about. Is there a different animation for the “Drop kick”? Because I felt like I tried every single combination of both regular and secondary attacks, but I didn’t notice any difference as far as animations were concerned. Maybe I’m just oblivious; I’ll keep practicing. Like I said, I really want to like this character. hahaha

The standard attack I’m talking about is the circle button on ps4 controls. Not sure what it is on pc, but it’s the move that has Montana flick someone with his finger, and it pushes people back. That button while sprinting drop kicks.

Ohhhhhhh! I’m an idiot, ok. I think I know. I forgot that everyone has a melee attack, even melee characters have a separate melee attack. I hadn’t even tried that! Ok, next time I’m playing I’ll try that out. Thanks!


I actually was having the same problem with xbox one. no matter what I did it would not work for me.

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