My Jack Build for a new 70 any tweaks?

Jack 70

Link Above…

My goal was that my jacks lived at short as possible and did as much damage as possible on the way in and out and while shooting.I don’t have level 70 equipment yet so that will be my next big focus so I can really shine, but I wanted to ensure there weren’t any major mistakes in my base build. Thanks!!

I mean yeah its a standard Jack popping build.

Your flex points are in winning optimism integrity with leftovers in delegation. Out of those I feel optimism is by far the weakest as most only take the one point for quicker popping as the damage is nothing compared to what you can do with CM and ur kill skills. With those points (and the extra points in delegation) I personally go down the left tree with Take Their Freedom (for on demand self heal) and Jacks Cache (for infinite nades) while taking the one point in accountability, which is a pretty serviceable one point wonder as even at 5 stacks (pretty reasonable to expect in natural gameplay) its 5% FR and 10% Reload Speed which is basically a 6th point in Believe with the potential to be better than that, so I would spec into it regardless of your choice to go deeper into the hero tree or not.

Other than that its fine.

I would take at least one point out of Delegation and put it into You Have My Shield. While I understand giving the jacks a shield seems counter-intuitive, giving them a cryo nova shield and 5/5 Optimism can do crazy things like this sometimes.

The combo of cryo, explosive, and shock nova is just too good to pass up.