My Kelvin Wishlist

Gotta say, the more I play Kelvin the more I’m loving him, but there are a few things that I’d like to see done with him.

  1. His ultimate is…well not that ultimate. Incredibly difficult to stun with and only useful in specific situations, I pretty much only use it when Sublimate is on cool down as it can do pretty much everything the Ice Wall can but better. I’d much rather see his ultimate be a dome of cold air that slows and damages enemies inside, like the ones found in the Algorithm story mode. This would be much more useful to Kelvin and would still accomplish the lane blocking and escape denying that the Ice Wall was clearly meant to…but kind of fails at. You then could have helix options similar to Reyna’s for her dome, allowing it to follow Kelvin around.

  2. I don’t know enough about the mechanic to know if this is already how it work or not, but the permanent health gain on his chomp should work by diminishing returns. In the beginning when you kill things with chomp you should get large health gains, but as your permanent health rises the gains get smaller and smaller (until the reach a set minimum value). This would allow you to still hit the same total permanent health gains you can currently get by the end of the match, but would allow you to get the bulk of them sooner, allowing you to start fulfilling your role as a tank sooner (Kelvin is entirely too squishy at the beginning of a match to even try to tank.)

I’ve had other wishes in the past, but the more I’ve played him the more I’ve learned that most of his mechanics work just fine and why try to fix what isn’t broken and risk incurring the wrath of the nerf hammer.

What do other Kelvin players think? Anything on your wishlist?

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I tried him for the first time last night, but I really enjoyed him. I do have to agree with the ultimate though, it seems really lackluster, and takes long enough to set up that it is difficult to use offensively. Mostly I’d just use it to block waves of enemy minions/mercenaries so my team could push up farther without interference.

Another thing was I kept having issues where sublimate wouldn’t stun phoebe or Deande, have you experienced this at all?

POV can be tricky with subliminate, both during and right after it ends. A lot of times it seems like your right on top of them when you actually not.

Also sometimes you can think you’re facing the right way coming out of subliminate only to find yourself looking away from your stunned victim. It definitely takes some practice.

This reminds me of another wishlist item though:

  1. His hitbox, particularly while in subliminate. The number of times I’ve been stuck on some random corner or ledge…lest just say if my kill count matched that number I’d be dominating. If he looks like a floating ball of energy that is what his hitbox should be. It shouldn’t still treat him like a large glacier walking on the ground.

Edit: although it occurs to me that changing that could effect the area of subliminate’s effect, so it might jus need to remain a necessary trade off

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I don’t believe subliminate cancels fast enough or cancels at all when used. Also the ult hitbox is awful. I might put this up there as one of the worst ult’s in the game.

Agreed on the ult, but not the subliminate. I’ve had no trouble cancelling when I want to.

The health gain with chomp is good as it is with the buff to his passive he fills the tanky role great now also giving in deminishng return would make him to tanky in the begining of the game and pointless to aim for kills with in the later game.
I agree on th ult maybe get rid of the cast time and think is does work as a sheild but not sure.

Yeah, especially now that they buffed his permafrost, I feel everything but his ult is in a good place.