My kingdom for a Bekah

Whatever you want, for a Bekah. Preferably a 72, but if it’s close enough…

This is a partial list. I have more. I just don’t feel like putting it all to paper :smile: Just ask

Most of these are 72. A very few are mid-60’s.

Rightsizing Bitch
Corporate Bitch
Fast actions Badaboom
Bladed Emperor
Restructuring Slow Hand
Homing Bouncing Bonny
Rolling Thunder
Rubberized Fire Bee

Caustic Infinity
rapid infinity
resolute shredifier
contingent invader (none)
tumtum muckamuck
suppressive pitchfork (slag)
Scout Veruc
Expandifide Madhous!
homing Pandemic
Sledge’s Shotgun

righteous stalker
surfeit thunderball fists
Elegant Thunderball Fists
incendiary fastball
straight shootin’ maggie
lobbed electric leech
super gunerang
react hornet
zammechat lyuda - shock
Bolshy Lyuda - shock
Earnest Logan’s gun
Win-win Logan’s gun

Pimpernel’s of all shapes and colors
Consummate Florentine
Murdering Slagga
Practicable Butcher
Monstrous Volcano
Skorry Lyuda (Fire)
Fabled Tortoise
Sticky Longbow Quasar

Barking Volcano
Venture Invader
Night Pitchfork
Bladed Tattler
Contingent Longbow
Kawaii Killer Maya skin

Defered Fibber
Critical Conference Call
Critical Interfacer
Social Interfacer
Expansive Shredifier (slag)
Barking Storm
Sublime Storm

And a Gearbox Rifle

Let me know.
PSN: JohnnyCash785

I offered you one in the other thread. I’m still not sure how this forum works since I specifically responded to your post in the thread but doesn’t show. It’s only when I try to edit it that it does so you might not have any idea who I was responding to. Anyhow, I only have an OP8 w/ a boss prefix. Send me a msg on psn if you want it.


It’ll be a while before I can use it. I haven’t seen you online :slight_smile:

The offer still stands for a 72 Bekah.

I think were sort of like logged in at different times. Let me know when you need one in OP8 and I can give it to you.


And as you say that ;I’m online now

Got the 72 twist if you want.

I just read your msg on psn. Sorry we got caught up playing Destiny. Yup you read that right. We got an offer we couldn’t refuse :wink: Amazon for $20. Anyhow, I’ll give my donation to the cause next time when were both on BL2.

Question. So your Night Pitchfork is non-elemental? I need either a corrosive or fire one in 72.

I’ve got 2 corrosive Cartel Pitchforks.