My Krieg build for digi peak

So I wanted to share my Krieg build. This is imo one of the easiest ways to do digistruct peak with Krieg:

As you can see it is a Mania/Bloodlust build. So I’ll go over the gear and how I do the peak.


-Baby maker (no element): Its by far Kriegs best second wind weapon and reks “bosses”.
-grog nozzle: As we all know it’s pretty op!
-Dpuh: Its mainly used against Dukinos mum, Scorch, Saturn and OMGWTH
Interfacer/CC (fire/corrosive): Deals good damage against assassins and loaders. Only use it with the reaper com because blood bath. And your enemies will become a blood bath only to explode in an acid nova. Man, Krieg is awesome
-Hornet: Bee+Hornet = bye bye surveyor
-PBFG/topnea/norfleet: blood bath is just insane with those weapons

Honourable mentions:
Carnage- Kriegs best mobbing shotgun. Triggers blood bath
Florentine: I just like it a lot:D
Kerblaster: Good mobbing gun!
Storm: Get your stacks faster w/ going into rtB


There is only one shield for Krieg:
rough rider: RELEASE THE BEAST AND FILL THE RED BAR (and dont die)

Honourable mention:

-Bee shield: helps you with some kills like saturn
-sham: regen your ammo


-fastball ( no element): deals good damage, triggers blood bath
-chainlighning: useful against scorch for healing
-slag grenade: use whatever you want to slag, there is no real best slag grenade :slight_smile:
-storm front: Good for healing and gettin’ your stacks!


-legendary sickle: swap to it only in release the beast.
-legendary reaper: 99% kill skill duration + 10/5 blood bath + 6/5 in trill of the kill means healing and a lot of damage
-flesh crunch: Buffs your dpuh against scorch and saturn


-Blood of the ancients: Gives you more health AND more ammo for 2 types of guns. Shotgun and rocket launcher should be the most effective
-explosive relic: Same as flesh crunch, damage
-bone of the ancients (corossiv): dmg

So that is my build now I’ll go over the peak:

You wanna look for the loader/bandit spawn. Its the easiest. Spiderants isnt hard either. For the mobs just equip your reaper com, health relic, baby maker, fastball, rough rider, dpuh and interfacer/CC for tanks. Stack some Bloodlust and only go into rtB when really needed. Your better off just using your grog because with blood bath you heal really fast.

Lets go over the interesting part; the bosses!

Double scorch:
There are 2 spawns with him:

  1. Only 2 scorches spawn! Just equip flesh crunch and explosive damage relic (+bee if you want) and shoot 'em with the dpuh. If your health is low rtB is your best option, except if youre above the 33% but under health gate, then just dpuh and swap to grog or chain lighning + grog him. Dont swap coms at all:D also you can melee kill him if he is under 25% health, just aim for the crit and equip sickle com!
  2. Scorch and a lot of surveyors spawn, just equip your corrosive norfleet and kill the surveyors whenever they come close. If youre full stacked you can finish both scorches with blood bath.

Next is dukinos mum. Two spawns again!

  1. She spawns right when you land. In this case you only need to get your stacks, kill a psycho midget with your fastball and with your reaper com you should be able to kill her with bee + CC/Interfacer. If not, you can damage her also if she is under 40% health with your grenade dmg setup and finish her with the baby maker.
  2. Dukinos mum spawns at the end of the psycho midget rounds. Its the same kill as the double scorch spawn

Now lets go over the assassins:

They arent a huge threat! Your best spawn is when they all spawn at the same time: Kill one with your baby maker, and just spam norfleets.
If they dont spawn at the same time you can do the same thing or kill a mob with the fastball and kill them with your corrosive shotgun.

Double Saturn:

He is probably the hardest enemy for Krieg in the peak! At the beginning try to hide because his turrets can shoot you before he spawns. Then kill a turret with an explosion. (Dont forget 2 get your stacks) This will trigger blood bath and youre good to go with your norfleet and with all your killskills and your reaper com all your ammo will be lost before your killskills go down. If Saturn isnt dead already you need to play with him/them. hide behind a building and go full explosive setup + bee. Try to completely hide from one Saturn and shoot one with your dpuh. If you cant hide from atleast one of them run to another hiding place, your rtB invincibility frames should help a lot!. Do this until they’re dead (obviously).

He is a little bit easier than Saturn and you can kill him the same way as Saturn, it just takes longer. Tho he can get slagged it will take some time!.

If the (mini) bosses are still too difficult for you then just simply use the hive in combination with a drunk effect. This will kill most bosses in a matter of seconds!

Ok guys that was it:D this is my first post so please tell me what I did wrong/right and yes, my english is bad so feel free to correct me! Also this build is insanely good at mobbing as Krieg is always and it is my fav build! What do you think about it? What would you change on my strategy and build?:smiley:


I like it, remarkably similar to my mobbing spec, but on the peak I prefer Hellborn. I don’t use the Grog on a melee build however, the Slagga is my preferred weapon and Thrill of the Kill keeps me healthy with Fastball kills. Rapier is there when I need extra melee damage, though I seldom melee outside of RtB unless setting up a Bloodsplosion chain on weaker enemies or getting second winds. I don’t carry launchers either.

Usually I dont carry them neither. But as Ive said this is just for the peak and imo hellborn isnt as potent as a mania/bloodlust build but thanks for your feedback!

I really like your build (as someone that mains Krieg), but I think there is some ways to improve it (imo of course) :
I have a slightly different spec since I like to switch between the Legendary Sickle and the Legendary Reaper (for that awesome 500% gun damage), so I have put 2 points into Blood Overdrive to give me some melee Strength, even if I don’t have the L. Sickle on.

And about weapons, you really NEED 3 weapons :

- The Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold, this build’s best weapon, triggers Blood Bath, gets boosted by the Sheriff’s Badge (must have for spamming Buzz Axe throws AND boosting the DPUH’s damage).

- The Florentine / Slag Pimpernel, if you have issues with slag application : use the Pimp. If you have issues with shields/Bloodlust stacks, use the Florentine.

- Corrosive Practicable Conference Call, to take out threats like Surveyors or SPR-TNK / BAR-TNK.

I don’t think the Grog Nozzle is really good for this build since you want to be under 33% of your health AND you can use Transfusion Grenades, but if you want to use it coupled with the Storm Front, go ahead :slight_smile:

Extra advise for people who begin with Krieg : he is a high risk = high reward character, he really needs thinking, patience and attention to be used at its highest potential.
(sorry for bad eng ^^)

Thanks for your advice! Im not huge fan of blood overdrive because I only melee while in rtB:D
About the dpuh and CC, I really like them but I only really use them against mini bosses such as saturn or scorch. When Im mobbing I just prefer a fastball/blood bath spam build.
I really get what youre saying and I already thought of cutting the grog but sometimes I just seem to need it. And outside of digi peak I nearly always use the florentine because its my fav wepon:D
Btw I might upload a video on my youtube channel where I actually show how I do the peak… But I dont know how to edit/cut or record so yeah… Might take a while if I find the time

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@The_J5 I actually use the Fastball, but I just switch to it quicky to get Blood Bath going (on Saturn’s turrets for example) and switch back to my Slag Betty.
Blood Overdrive comes handy when you forget to switch to the Legendary Sickle, you have a nice +400% melee damage so you don’t have any trouble with raw melee damage.
The Grog is fine and it really comes handy when you have to stay alive (coupled with the Storm Front/Fire Bee/Pandemic), but as someone that loves risk and challenge, I really don’t like it outside of a Hellborn build, but if you want to use it, feel free, it’s a great option for sure !

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Yeah I thought of blood overdrive but I just never seem to get it going, but its still a viable option and definetely helpes. I just have to set priorities (and for me I dont feel like its a necessity) for digi peak:D

For the rest I can totally agree 100%

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