My Level 70 Jack Build

Lean on Me goes well with diversify since corosive is RK5, EOS and Eclipse weakness. here’s the build faster kill than what normal kill with 999 stacks without those 2 complimenting skills and since your so accurate to fire hearful splooger can hit crit spot always. also use hearfull sploger when killing them. Sometimes I don’t hide and continue hitting crit spot even with laser on my face when his health is 40% below it destroys him like there’s no tommorow I second wind of EOS


  1. Prismatic Bulwark
  2. Chroniclier of elpis
  3. hearbreaker (gibbed) or any hyperion shotgun
  4. cryo Fetale
  5. stability prefix Fremigton’s edge
  6. Rossie or Absolute zero
  7. nasty surprise
  8. heartful Splooger (keep in backpack until EOS Eclipse or RK5 fight change absolute zero or rossie to this)

Any Jack build without leadership suffers greatly. Your clones can only live so long without it.

Also, you really should go deeper into Greater Good. Your damage right now is pretty low. You don’t have any Jakobs weapons for the Sponsored By bonus, and you’re missing Believe and Synergy. 40% damage at 40% health really isn’t much of a damage boost, especially considering that enemies with large health pools will take forever to get into integrity range, while weaker enemies will die just as easily without it. As your sole source of damage integrity is pretty bad.

Unless you’re using your grenade for damage or abusing glitch weapons, Just Compensation isn’t the greatest use of your points. The nasty surprise isn’t the greatest grenade, and you have no weapons with splash damage.

Also, you have way too many tanking skills. Winning and one other skill will get you through just about everything. Having persistence, hero pose, and supply and demand is overkill, and a waste of points.

As for the weapons, I’ve used the splogger to kill Eclipse/EOS quite a few times. Integrity does not make it shred his life at all. It’s good, but a corrosive splitter is far better. Since the splogger is your only laser, I would really suggest swapping out the bulwark for a Shield of Ages. Your survivability will greatly improve.

Diversify can’t RK5. I’ve tried for quite a while, it rarely, if ever, hits.

If youwant a pet build with the CoE, I would suggest this spec

For a non-pet based build, Derch’s “Comrade Jack” is excellent as well.

I suggest you read the guide. Its in no way the definitive source of all Jack damage, but quite a few things you’ve done with your build are touched upon there.

Im utilizing sponsored by hyperion making hits super accurate you can hit crit spot easier. also check laser damage + crit damage = overpower damage company man skill 10/5 and his fire rate 10/5. This isn’t a pet build my badass diji jacks are just for decoy on EOS minions. Din’t you see my class mod chronicler of elpis

Edit: check what skills chroniclier of elpis boosts and you will know my build is laser crit fire rate build not pet build I have 3 extra points so why not put it somewhere useful like badass diji jacks inspire and merger

Chronicler of Elpis can be used as a pet COM. Lean On Me increases your clone’s damage as well.

Besides, you have no damage skills besides integrity. If you wanted laser+fire rate, why not just go with

You still get plenty of fire rate, but way more damage and survivability. It doesn’t make much sense to have a CoE and no points in winning, which is probably Jack’s best defensive skill. Besides, in a build focusing on lasers, what use is Bolster or Just Compensation? 15% health really isn’t that much, and the extra mag size with JC is OK, but considering you have AA, its kind of redundant unless you’re abusing glitch guns.

Also, the way you have your build set up doesn’t really match what you say you want to do. GG is where the majority of Jack’s damage and survivability come from. If you aren’t building around your pets, why do you have every skill for a pet build, and almost no points in Jack’s kill skills?

If you want to keep the spec the same, I’d suggest at least changing your COM to a celestial doppleganger. The reverse recoil, and increase base + crit damage will net you better performance than the CoE.

BTW, inspire has no effect other than the dialouge. I like the effect as well, but it certainly isn’t a useful skill unless you need the motivation while you play.

If I go winning skill id be droping laser thing and going for shield of ages instead cause that goes in well with that instead of bulwark and I have a selestial dopel in my backpack which by the way will not boost any skill in my build and is not working well with hearful splooger too low accuracy can’t kill rk5 and fetale too low cryo damage. If you can sugest a better smg hyperion gun than fetale as backup for my laser that would be great but can’t think of one with the exception of cheat code but cheat code is usable only on COE cause it needs crit

check this build out the 1st and best build for COE utilizing cryo damage [Build] Comrade Jack the Frozen Communist not the crit mine utilizes the crit and fire rate

Edit oops 1st link was wrong reedited

Glad the suggestion was useful. Hopefully you can get some ideas from there.

Before I continue, I suggest you watch these videos. They explain the damage formula

I apologize for the abruptness of this post, but I got class in a few minutes so I have to be quick about this.

Basically, you have one damage skill, and you overloaded crit damage onto weapons that don’t really need it (the fatale, fremington’s edge, and hyperion shotgun). @Derch, @Hoyle4, and @khimerakiller would be able to explain it far better than I, but to sum it up, your weapons would do more damage if you had more damage skills from GG, and you would survive better since things would die faster, so you’ wouldn’t have to take so many tanking skills.

I strongly suggest putting more points into GG and getting Leadership. Your kind of gimping yourself for no reason by not taking it.

Might want to remove this bit.

As long as he’s on PC, I think its fine. :wink:

I’m on the Battleborn craze/binge right now, but you should trust @boombumr’s advice. He makes really good points and no Jack should be without Leadership IMO. I could talk your ear off about how to better optimize this build, but really you can play however you’d like.

But as for Jack’s CoE com, I’d suggest you read that part of my guide about it. The reason you say you use it is somewhat contradictory and basically worthless for bosses like E&E.

yea no jack should be without leadership but Im having a blast using absolute zero laser for sniping new way of sniping haha that what my this original build does. This is my 2nd jack my 1st uses celestial doppel build with leadership

Edit this build is not for ppl bad in sniping enemies.This build also dosen’t mind continus damage and low mag size 1 - 2 shots 1 kill anyways. 1st shot freeze 2nd shot crit shot.

If you like sniping, why not just use a Longest Yard with a Jakobs sponsored by bonus?

Beam lasers like the Absolute Zero and Rosie are the most inaccurate lasers. The reticle blooms tremendously under continuous fire and the recoil is outlandish. They also have a shorter range than any other laser, you can’t even hit EOS with Beams.

If your goal is to kill in 1-2 shots, why use weapons that gain more damage under continuous fire? Especially with the Rosie, since its base damage is fairly low, it seems like an odd choice. At least hyperion beams are accurate, even if they are a bit on the weak side. Still, beams are more akin to SMGs than snipers, so using them as such is odd to say the least.

gonna try that thankz but having bad luck with teh earworm

How is it? I kind of lost interest when I didn’t see a dedicated pet class, but it does look kind of fun.

If you’re on PC, you can just use gibbed.
If you’re not, you can try the grinder.

If you’re having trouble with the Earworm, just try to find maliwan fire and shock splitters. Aim for blue rarity and above, but even greens will do the job. These are probably among the best weapons in the game for large targets, and they should help you take him down fairly easily.

thankz gonna grind my usless major toms here

Edit Oh yea I have 3250 badass ranks I’ll grab excalibastard

I’m not sure about this, as I haven’t tried grinding new legendaries, but I think there are special rules for grinding Claptastic legendaries.

I don’t know if this has been fixed or what the situation is, but I suggest hanging onto those Major Toms until you know for sure what the recipe is.

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No problem. :grin:

Grinding Clappy legendaries is fairly easy.

  • 1 Clappy legendary
  • any other legendary (vanilla or Clappy)
  • purple weapon of desired type

I’ve ground a looooottttt of Flayers this way. Farming Omni-Cannons and Thunderfires is the fastest way for Clappy legendaries, since that’s 3 chances for a drop in a small area. Fatales for vanilla legendaries.