My list of bugs

I’d like to point out to support the list of bugs I have encountered so far in Homeworld: Remastered campaign:

Shadows appear and disappear on stationary ship models when rotating the camera (dual light lighting option).

Scouts boost ability does not activate if the scouts are already moving, even if a new speed boost move order is issued
Unable to issue ‘speed boost’ command without issuing a new move order (I.E. cannot activate during battle)
Scouts’ purple bar does not always deplete when speed boost does activate, and trail animation doesn’t activate either, but speed does increase. I have noticed this with 1 ship on 1 occasion

Strike Craft
Strike craft (including corvettes) seem to have trouble aiming and do a lot of dancing around instead of chasing. They also miss far too often, especially considering they are supposed to be designed for fighting other fighters. That can be improved by increasing projectile velocity, rate of fire, and reduce projectile damage

Salvage Corvette
Salvage corvettes ‘lock on’ animation starts with the salvage corvette being around 3 to 4 ship lengths away from the target. The salvage animation then commences, matching speed with the target and moving closer to the target vessel until it’s attached. This is fine for larger ships, but when salvaging fighters, it’s possible for the salvage corvette to get close enough as a fighter flies by to start the animation, which then means the salvage corvette matches speed, making it fly sideways a lot quicker than it is supposed to, while it slowly moves towards the fighter until it locks on. This looks ridiculous and the fighter should be able to escape during the animation because the corvette isn’t attached, it’s just running it’s attach animation over a period of around 5 seconds before it’s attached.
Unable to tell multiple salvage corvettes to salvage multiple targets. For example, there seems to be no way to select 6 salvage corvettes and tell them to salvage 3 frigates. You have to give the orders to the salvage corvs individually.

Units do not stay in formation during battle.
When in Sphere formation, the sphere does not surround a guarded target
Units do not stay information when using waypoints
Units do not stay in formation when told to get into formation whilst moving to a new location
Units take a very long time to get into formation
Rules for wall formation seem to be completely screwed. When telling 9 fighters to get into wall formation, instead of 3 rows of 3, they create a cross instead. Other strange shapes are also seen with small numbers of ships
When assigning formations to squadrons (in the tutorial) the squadrons go in that formation, whilst maintaining the formation within their own squadrons. This can be fixed by adding the ability to ‘disband’ squadrons into single fighters, or set a squadron limit to 1 ship in the build queue somehow so they are built individually, and reduce the per unit build time and cost accordingly

Ships can hyperspace into a new map in whatever formation and layout that they left the old map

Reduce missile turning circle (missiles can fly in circles around a fighter because it cannot get the angle to hit it)

Unable to assign the same key to multiple bindings. Will have to work around for the time being using keyboard macro software

Mission 3
The cutscene at the beginning of the map hung right at the end and induced an audio loop. I had to press spacebar to exit the cutscene to progress

Mission 4
Bentusi mothership flashes back into the game for a split second after hyperspacing out of the map

Ion array frigates can stop firing for no real reason. I noticed this after distracting them from my mothership and then flying the ships that distracted them away. The frigates didn’t chase or change the target back to the mothership, so they just stopped firing as they were out of range of the distraction

Voice over audio stopped working half way through the map, for example, selecting the mothership no longer gave me the ‘mothership’ voice. I also lost this for all other ships, and got no more battle chatter or any other voices until the next map

The Turanic Raider carrier (or mothership as the narrator calls it) does not produce fighters to reinforce the initial Turanic force like it’s supposed to (as mentioned by narrator)

Mission 5
The Taiidan interceptors can stop fighting, or not target non-combat ships whilst combat ships are I nthe area, even if they do not target the combat ships either. I have also seen them not target non-combat ships (e.g. salvage corvettes) when they are the only ones in the area, but only after the interceptors have been engaged with combat ships and the combat ships have retreated (and the interceptors have failed to chase them)

Resource collectors still show as needing to be destroyed, even after they are captured. I completed the objective by destroying one and capturing the rest, but even after the objective was marked as complete, the large map (zoomed out map) still showed the blue boxes around my resource collectors indicating they were part of an active objective

Will post more as I find them

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