My list of characters that counter Galilea

These are characters I’ve played that can demolish galilea played right:
Ghalt: ready scrap traps before engagement get some shots on her then pull her into the trap for the finishing blows
Orendi: orendis crazy speed and damage make her a dangerous opponent for galilea ultimate plus shadowfire pillar combo can decimate if you surprise attack her
Phoebe: phoebes phase distortion and attack speed can decimate gali from behind and if she does try to
counter just teleport back if you have contingency plan
Those are all I have so far I’ll add more soon


Deande is another one - The uppercut prevents her using sheild for defense as well as with the right combination set at a time you can easily out DPS Gali.

Mellka is prob the most obvious one… She shoots Venom… LIKE EVERYWHERE

no really though depending on where you are on the tree one bullet = highly damaging venom. Even if your not that far The grenades deal a long lasting venom effect as well as she can create a cesspool while dealing with any enemy so with Mellkas quick maneuvering she can run circles around Gali and just make Gali suffer from the venom effects and kill her off. Mellka does a lot of damage normally but the Venom is just the greatest asset she has since although she may not be the fastest she is the most versatile

Kelvin counters her pretty hard. Back in the beta I was able to 1v1 gali’s even before the first round of nerfs. Just maintain proper shield management with chomp and use ground slam instead of his primary attack to constantly break her melee combo.

Yeah just did kelvin against her the slam keeps him alive against melee characters in general but it’s underused by a lot of kelvin players

Not sure about Phoebe. When I play Galz against her I come out on top about 90% of the time even when they get the drop on me. Maybe I’m just good though?

well to be fair I mastered phoebe so I know how to counter anyone with her for the most part contingency plan is What helps me beat her

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I have no problem countering Gal with Miko. At all.

And Boldur. Charge in for the overshield, DPS a sec, shield block till cooldown is up, rinse and repeat.

YEEEEESSSSSSS!!! I only played four (in numbers: 4!!!) PvP matches yet, all as Orendi and I killed almost nothing - only 3 Gals, 2 El Dragons and a Mellka.
I was CR12, my very first PvP-action EVER, while the rivals all had CR40 or higher with character experience. At least accoring to their skins/taunts.
So either I had just luck while being worst or Gal simply isn´t that OP as everybody wants to believe.

Thanks for making this valid points against the Gal-OP-hype! :heart:

Lol no problem glad it helped

Mellka practically makes galilea a non factor. Actually, she does, I can’t remember the last time I haven’t played against a Galilea as Mellka and “dominated” her.

Shayne and Aurox and Deande are both great too. Any character that has some form of an escape can essentially kill Galilea stupidly easy

You can easy dodge her if you spam mid mouse button… i always push her back in my own lane -> she get rekt by turrets + minions. This works fine for the most range Char’s.

So apparently “i killed bad galilea players” is a valid point against logic and reason? Gotta stop fueling peoples delusions.

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Also, trap pulls her OUT of corruption.

I’ve killed Galileas of many skill levels actually some were even masters so i haven’t just fought bad galis

Besides it doesn’t matter if I’m fueling delusions gali is getting nerfed anyway so the Galilea op complaints (which I have made in the past) should stop at this point