My little letter of concerns

Hey all!

No whining or rage hear. I love the game but i feel sad about progress so far. I am dedicated PvP fan and played alot in different game projects. Played and enjoyed PvP in Battleborn hoping that the game will have major improvments to important aspects of PvP. Was busy and didnt play for 2.5-3 weeks hoping that some changes for PvP are going at least little by little. Few days ago finally had enough timeto play for few hours. It was sad to see that none of the main problems has been fixed and i didnt see any info on these things being worked on.

Facts are:

  1. I experienced the same issues with matchmaking as before. 2-5 levels are still matched against/with 80-100 players. And please dont think that they had the same MMR. People were learning their classes and just standing in place trying to hit things.

  2. The game starts with disconnected player 4v5.

  3. Players leaving during match hasnt been fixed too.

Basically all main issues and problems are still in the game and one of the major announcments that i see is in game market.

I dont know how and who is reponsible for delivering analysis on game feedback to marketing department but this sounds really wierd to me.

I understand that company wants to make more money but i am really concerned about pvp issues not being placed on the first position here because this factor causes a lot of players to leave or enjoy less the game. And we all understand that the less players will stay in the game the less popular in game market will be.

I still hope for major improvments.

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one thing I will agree is that if the game starts as 5 on 4, then they should fill that spot when someone requests to join. Odds are, that person isn’t coming back. As far as “disconnects” go, you have two scenerios: someone drops out of rage, or the game drops them for no reason. At first, I didn’t think getting dropped for no reason was even something that happens. It is. I have the fastest cable internet and I’ve been booted. The one thing I have seen is that you can’t join any other games until the one you were originally in finishes, so it is a form of punishment. You lose 5-10-15+ mins of play time if you want to act like a little brat and drop. Apart from that, there is almost no way to know who’s dropping for what reason.