My loot is mass up since i play with my friend and IDK what to do with it

I have new friend yesterday . He is operative. infact he add me few day ago . He happy on my play at cistern of slaughter. .
I play with him and play together like 4 hour . but since I start play with him at first hour . I got
Lego drop but its anointed to operative. even skill drop is it for operative. and even He offline and
not play with me. I got lego scroll drop and anointed lego gun drop . but its for operative…
and its gonna end up with I just wait him back online and give those stuff to him . couz idk
what to do with it. but at least make new friend happy that np ,but its consume my bag slot
for keep it !- O - ‘’

and its really link to vending machine . I camping earl vending machine for buy my main gun .
after close a hour pass on my camp . my main gun is show up . but its for operative = ^ =…

I wish I could play operative. gunner or even f4lk . but When I see it risk to get bank wipe so I skip it .I not even dare to make other alt char for expand bank slot. Well if anyone know how to fix this
please lets me know about it. I really appreciate on it. :< . or I need to make ticket at support ?please advice


There is nothing to fix. Random drops are random. I know it looks like there is a pattern of giving you only what your friend can use but there isn’t. The truth is the rng hates and trolls everybody at some point.

nu nuu nuuuu > ^ < !
if my bag or bank have like 100 slot. I wont complain about this ! meow

If this is really happening, maybe one way to fix it (or re-bug it in your favor) is to have him start a game as Amara and you join. I would try that maybe.