My loot isn't scaling propperly with mayhem levels

Been playing for a few days, just recently finished the campaign and I’ve just started playing the true vault hunter mode. Tried out the mayhem mode, been grinding on mayhem 8. Talking with friends in discord realising my loot is complete utter dogshit, I’ve gotten like 3 legendaries after completing 6 chapters of the story on mayhem8. Golden loot hearts don’t drop anything. No whites, greens, purples, they just ■■■■■■■ poof like someone’s last faint fart before fading into the abyss. Load into my m8’s game for 10 minutes, more than 13 legendaries have dropped inside of 10 minutes, man acting like nothing’s going on, it’s just a normal day. Idk wtf is wrong with my game, I’ve not done anything to it. Loot drops on mayhem scale in other people’s games, nothing to be seen in a solo lobby. I’ve just tried restarting the TVHM quests in the menu hoping to fix it. I’ve deleted and reinstalled, verified, given my firstborn child, nothing.
About to give up on this loot n shoot game since I’m missing 50% of the content and the latter 50% is getting increasingly impossible when I’ve not had an upgrade in 10 levels.
All mayhem levels give the same legendary every 30000 rotations of my bellend on a belt sander.
Thx for the help