My lvl 53 Trades - Updated 18 Feb

Just going to keep doing a running list of what drops for trades. I’ll update regularly. I’m only listing level 53 gear and only after it.

For trade:

Added 16 feb:

Added 18th Feb

What I’m after:

Cryo sntl weapons -
Laser sploder all elements
Infinity all elements

Sntnl speed shields -
Stop Gap with turtle effect (preferably with 20% shield boost effect too)
Red suit

Seein dead COM with at least 3 in Donnybrook and +weapon DMG. Movement speed and fire rate would both be great on it too
Rakk pakk mod, any but I’d love one with +weapon damage
Spiritual driver with at least 3 mindfulness and weapon DMG.

ASE100 weapons -
Recursion all elements
Lucky 7
Cutsman shock and corrosive

ASE shock, corrosive & radiation transformers

Recurring mirv hex all elements with on throw 25 or ASE element.

Electric banjo
Elemental projector (not deathless or loaded dice) with +weapon dmg
Elemental projector loaded dice with +luck

I’ll keep updating as gear drops so keep checking back.

I’ve got a transformer with cryo on ase

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Awesome what you chasing man?

That wedding invitation would be super.

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I also just got a wedding invitation with gamma burst

Easy done, I’ll send after work. Ye Olde Wolfe or similar is gt yeah? You’re on my friends list.

I won’t be able to send till tomorrow, so no rush bud.

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No worries, whenever you can :slight_smile:

I have a maggie with 125% boss damage, and a cutsman corrosive 125% splash damage. Let me know if either of those would work for the wedding invitation with 50% shock. Let me know. GT = Tom dot66. thanks

More items added.

DMed you.

That Trevonator looks beaut.
I don’t have anything on your list… yet, but it’s Sunday lunchtime here & I plan on farming for a good few hours today so hopefully I find something you want. :grimacing:

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Sounds good, let me know if you come across anything

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Oohh between the name and the time you Aussie? If so add me too, we can jump in for some farms together. I’m in Canberra so I’ll only be an hour out for daylight savings

I’m a Kiwi, but I live in Brisbane, so it’ll be great. I tend to play most afternoons, depending on how long I am at work.

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Ahh cool, I usually hope on around 8:30pm when kids in bed each evening. I usually have Sunday off, we open once every 3 months for Sunday sale, just happens to be today :confused:

I’m sure we’ll find overlapping times. I play a LOT.
There are several things that bug me about the game, but I still thoroughly enjoy it, and they’re always tinkering & improving. I don’t get a lot of the hate, I love this game.
What;s your gt? Mine is Trathenator. Cheers.

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Yeah I play almost every day too, I’m sure there will be overlap, good to find people in same timezone. My GT is Stray2615 I’ll add you on app now.

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Added a recursion for Flak and some new gear I’m after now.

What were you wanting that i had?