My Main Concern For The 2 Year Anniversary of Borderlands 3

As we all know by now, next Monday marks the 2 year celebration of the release of BL3. As many also know, GBX has been teasing something big for the 2 year anniversary and plan to share more with us soon (we will likely receive some info in the coming days.) Personally, I would love to see a new takedown or some new raids, but just recently, the Borderlands Twitter announced that Wonderlands gameplay will be revealed soon. As hype as I am for the reveal, something Instantly came to mind. I am now worried that to celebrate 2 years of BL3 we will end up getting the gameplay reveal for TTWL. Now I know many of you are ready to move on but I still desperately want more endgame content for BL3. Am I in the minority here? Should I bother getting my hopes up or should I come in with minimal expectations? Just a quick rant but I’d love to hear everybody’s thoughts and opinions.


I wonder if surprise is a DLC that ‘bridges’ BL3 and Wonderlands (no idea how, since they are not aligned time-wise), just like the Commander Lilith one we got before BL3 launch.

I’ll take it.


bl3 has endgame when people ask for end game it really grinds my gears. bl3 has far more endgame than bl2. what endgame do you want 8 player scaled slaughters?


You’re absolutely right Borderlands 3 does have a lot of endgame so let me explain why I feel the game still needs more content. I love Borderlands 3, but it doesn’t have many of the things the fans were practically begging for since launch. People wanted raids on day one, they wanted pearlescents, they wanted DLC characters etc. Instead GBX took risks and focused on things like the development of Mayhem 2.0, Arms Race, and the 4th Skill Trees. Lots of this content was very hit or miss for many people including myself. It’s not that BL3 doesn’t have any endgame, it’s just that it doesn’t have the endgame content I crave ( ie: more takedowns, raids, circle of slaughters, new weapon rarities, new characters etc). The game is amazing don’t get me wrong but it could be so much better and that’s why I’m really hoping for a some new content announced for BL3.


can i know what exactly does one more slaughter or raid change when you already know million ways to destroy it? what will you get from another slaughter house we already have one creature based one cov and one maliwan there are no more factions in this game. even if there was a hybrid what of it if you are endgame ready you will just plow through it i wonder what do you really want let’s say the give you a round arena with crawmerax inside it who has this and that much billion hp is that what you want? to go there and dump few mags of radical or monarch into it an it falls over and drops different orange loot that either does or does not kill him any faster than the loot you used to kill him. let’s say they give you 3 different instant access arenas with crawmerax mrowmerax and shromwerax who drop different loot and have different attack cycles will you then be satisfied of endgame?


If BL2 would have had the amount of “endgame content” that Bl3 has it would still be a top 100 game in player count.

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If they came out with a UVHM mode that disallowed mayhem and anointments, I would re-install BL3 and start playing again.

My expectations are low. I don’t think it’s so much a quality issue. The game just isn’t as fun as the others. I’m still exploring BL2. Yes it has less DLC, it also IMHO has more playability. More interesting side missions. It is a heck of a lot harder. I’m only an average player, but I could pretty much do all the content in BL3. Except the Guardian Takedown. I don’t have the patience for platforming. I’m still getting blowed up consistently in BL2 UVHM. Fairing better in TPS. Only cos I played it so much, and it’s not as hard as BL2, not by a long shot.

And I think for all intents and purposes, BL3 is the last Borderlands. TTWL is an entirely new beast just cashing in on the BL franchise. It might be an excellent game, but it’s not a Borderlands game. No vault hunters. No skill trees. None of the usual NPCs or BL storyline. I think it’s cynical what they have done. They’re trying to straddle the line. There is apparently going to be loot. No grenades, magical spells however. To me it all sounds kind of meh. Other than Tiny Tina and loot, it seems like an entirely different game. If it was more a shooter I might be excited.


If they released DLC for BL2/TPS I would buy it tomorrow.


By Randy’s own words, the game has more coming and could be both in terms of paid DLC and free content. Nobody knows what he meant by that, but they’re probably gonna drop another patch either this month or the next.

By lacking endgame, what players usually mean is “Raid bosses/Takedowns” (a.k.a “content I want”) which is why people don’t actually count Proving Grounds or Slaughters as endgame (even though, technically speaking, it is endgame content). Arms race is more like a side game/mode, so I don’t think it truly counts as endgame either.

It’s no surprise that a lot of people literally just wanted BL2 2.0 since before the game released, so when BL3 went into a more general direction with it’s content updates, a lot of people weren’t sold on it and just wanted the usual stuff (basically raid bosses, rarities, characters) for endgame/replayability


There’s a chance he could be talking about the final vault card as well.


It is a possibility. However, 2nd vault card came out a month ago, so I doubt they have the third vault card ready yet.

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I would really love to get harder versions of the circles of slaughter, especially the bosses. We had that for an event, so why not make it an option permanently? And I get that they might not shuffle around the loot pool any more, but how about this then:

  • Bosses are scaled to 20 times the health and triple the damage
  • killing the scaled boss automatically grants 1000 eridium
  • scaled bosses have ten times the likelihood to world drop legendaries

Oh and how about just scaling all main game bosses like that?

A true CoV Takedown would be fun and hard as well due to the anointed that would be EVERYWHERE, but killing the biggest and baddest anointed would for sure be satisfying.

Also, I would obviously love to see a “skip NVHM mode” option like we had it in BL2, but for BL3 that makes little sense as we don’t need additional playthroughs anyway.

Overall I don’t expect anything out of BL3 anymore, really. The 3rd Vault Card is an obligation, but that’ll be it. Anything more I see as a bonus.

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I would agree with you, but given the recent BL3 DLCs, I’d have doubts about any new content added to the other games. Assuming it was decent content, like most of the BL2 and TPS DLCs, I’d buy it, though.

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It’s hard to know what Randy means. He said there was more coming, but he might mean the third vault card, or just more mini-events (especially repeated ones), or just hotfixes and buffs. Who knows?
As for his claim that BL3 will “prove out to have enjoyed the greatest post launch investment”, that is vague as f*ck. Does he mean the most DLCs in number, or in length of play time? Does he mean the most development hours, even though we got less actual content than BL2 (possibly)? Is he including stuff like mini-events in the investment? Is he counting repeated content multiple times (like how we got bloody harvest twice and then got it as a permanent addition - is that one thing or two? Or three?) or just once?
His tweets are often hard to decipher, honestly.


Why want more repetitive content for a game that is broken which the devs won’t (or more likely “aren’t allowed to”) fix?


There is still the guns that are in the code since launch which need to be implemented. When the P2P Networker appeared in the diamond loot room they confirmed that they be implemented at a later time. So I reckon its going to be something around that.
If they leave the game as is and the big surprise is just gameplay for wonderlands, I will delete Bl3 and smash the CD. But I doubt that. They have been far from perfect in the communications department or for example the hole mayhem 2.0 + bug fixing and stuff but so far they have also worked a lot with feedback from the community and created a load of good content. Alone the variety of gear is insane now. Anyway. I’m optimistic. But my first concern is the fix of game crashing bugs as well.

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Personally I would recommend holding as close to 0 expectation as possible. The best possible scenario for me would be a new takedown. Takedowns are what I keep coming back to, they’re infinitely more interesting than just straight raid bosses on their own IMO.

I think realistically at best we’ll get a new mini event or some nice QoL updates. I dunno, I guess we’ll see soon.


i honestly have no hopes whatsoever

ppl excuse the dogshit that was dlc 3-6 with covid
so wonderlands is apparently getting a freepass to suck or be extremely short

the guy who worked on the dlcs does work on wonderlands.

having this said, we will get wonderlands news
maybe the last vault card and maybe they tie it into wonderlands
like, giving us some spells from that game copy paste as granades for some flavor and getting ppl into the mood.

im sure there wont be any new big bl3 content, like… im extremely sure they wont give us any new stuff aside from the vault card
maybe golden keys.


Wait what? I mean, literally all BL DLC is overpriced for what it is, but what’s wrong with 3 and 4 specifically? I enjoyed them just as much as 1 and 2, heck DLC 4 probably has the best writing in all of BL3.

DLC 5 I won’t argue with, but honestly DLC 6 I’ve had plenty of fun with.

Don’t get me wrong, they obviously could be better, but I don’t really get the hate here.


dlc 3 lacked 1/3rd of the dlc… it just lacked a good bit of the middle
as if there is a beginning, no middle and then the end.
there is nothing longlasting in any dlc, so this is 1 thing

dlc 4 was straight up lacking everything
it had no decent sidequests, it had an extremely short story that wasnt even that well done,
the amount of shortcuts with dlc 4 is so insane
if you try to tell me it was a great story no critique whatsoever

then you just dont want to see the issue

the execution was just meh, where dlc 3 was to easy and a LITTLE to short to develop the story and characters

dlc 4 just rushed through all parts

dlc 4 i am 110% convinced was supposed to have arms race as repeatable content,
then they realized they want to get more MONEEEEE and cut that
inserted this BLOATED ass clown endboss

also krieg was cut from base game for this dlc
dont pretend he wasnt,
he 100% was cut for this trash

made arms race dlc 5 bundled with the skilltree and thats that.

dlc 6 is by the devs confirmed cut content that they should have included no questions asked, but then thought
and then made dlc 6 out of it.

dlc 1-2 was perfectly fine dlc content
lengthy, had some meat to it, actually deserved to exist
speak hammerlock and weinright get some more story
timmothy gets some sort of a conclusion since we wanted to know what happened to him

dlc 3-6 was a mess, trying to sell you stuff that you should have gotten before
so dlc 3 needed more content to develop characters
dlc 4 and 5 should be bundled as dlc 4 + dlc 4 didnt adress anything i wanted from krieg
dlc 5 skilltrees should have been free
dlc 6 was basegame content they advertised, ( ign at least did, vermivorous and hermivorous)
and avas quests was basically all of avas missing character development ( also missplaced and not enough)
then showed cutscenes nessesary to make ava not feel trash