My Main Concern For The 2 Year Anniversary of Borderlands 3

I said each mystery equates to one head hunter pack, so 4 total, so each BL3 Murder Mystery costs 3/4s the price of one BL2 headhunter pack.

If DLC 5 is taken straight up item for item then the true equivalent is the:

Mechromancer pack (9.99)
the Psycho Pack (9.99)
UVHM upgrade 2 62-72 (4.99)

all Level cap upgrades were free for BL3 vs. being separate DLC for BL2 to get the bonus 22 levels and the Peak for 9.98 total

So 24.97 for
2 new character models
2 action skills
6 new skill trees
10 levels
And a new Map

*also add 4.99 (and 10 more levels) if UVHM Pack 2 required first owning UVHM Pack 1, bringing the total to 31.97


29.98 for
4 alternate character models (might as well be skins in my book honestly) - as a free bonus content
4 new action skills
4 new skill trees
7 new levels - as concurrent free bonus content
And a new map

I have always theorized that Krieg’s Brain is in the device, and Flustercluck is just like in Claptastic Voyage and also the side mission Head Case in Ascension Bluff where you use VR to enter Vic’s mind. The Floating Brain is just a representation like the giant Claptrap in Claptastic Voyage. How his brain got in the device, we may never know? If he was on a spy mission he may have suffered the same fate as Vic, and Tannis retrieved what was left of him. /headcannon rimshot

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I already stated i hated weaponscaling in both games so didn’t think it would be necessary to mention that with that comment :wink:

What i mean whas, i liked digistruct peak over arms race because there was at least some progression. Where arms race got boring after a few runs.

So i farmed the easiest legendaries to run digistruct peak and for arms race… I just run to the chests containing the items i want and save/quit seeing getting it through random drop or Harker takes to much time (wich is pretty boring in arms race)

And weaponscaling just doesn’t work in BL3/M2.0
Getting M10 scaled items isn’t hard (classmods and artifacts don’t scale so you can just use your non mayhem godroll)
In BL2 i just hated it because i never stuck around OP levels long enough to farm for gear (and so went for the easiest good legendaries to beat DP and repeat until i couldn’t progress)


Year 2 Wanted stuff: A new ghost mysteries mission would be great, and a new takedown, and spwawn of, spawn of Crawmerax (with secret hidey spots so its not unpossible).


Update - 2 days away from the anniversary of BL3 and we still don’t have a single piece of news in terms of what we might get…

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Hoping for a new arms race map, though that seems unlikely. Been really enjoying it and I didn’t think I would.

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if they add 2-3 more maps and maybe some variation to the thing i might consider dlc 5 not dogshit
as for anything else,

if we are talking hopes that are prol never gonna happen

i wish for
a classic raidboss for each dlc
a circle or something for each dlc
pearls added
a new GOOD takedown that is fresh and brings new fun things
in the same patch a few things we all wanted like dlc mission reward gear in vending machines, lower eridium costs for everything so you dont pay 500 eridium for 1 fight, or 250 for a reroll → 150 for boss and 75 for reroll

dlc 7 that adds a brand new playthrough, this playthrough has no mayhem, and starts you wthout any gear, everything is rebalanced and lootpools have been updated, new enemy types and stackable invincibles, pearls, and alot more additions to the base game + dlcs if you got them
also adds new cutscenes and a few new missions to the story, + a true ending after finishing the game on this difficulty that is changing some things and also adding some stuff for the future



To be a pure realist I am going to reiterate what others have:

Gear events have repeatedly been followed by level cap increases.
Eridium events have followed by eridium hungry activities that didn’t exist before.

Based on these two things I think another Raid boss, or an Eridium locked Takedown is coming that is going to be more difficult than Hemivorous or Guardian Takedown was.


They are giving us all a chance to gear up at Max level with legendary world drop gear, and they are giving us a chance to stockpile Eridium while keeping the Re-roll and Raid costs the same. I think this is meant to prep us.

The one thing they can do with the least effort is make a Boss Rush Raid in an existing unused location where x number of bosses spawn in one after another like a gauntlet. Of course that old Raid Arena that is still unused in Ascension Bluff would work for this, saving having to push out a large update to add a map. All they would need is to add the spawn points for the bosses and return the lower door. Are there any other enclosed, open air, unused Arenas in the game that could facilitate a boss rush that included most of the bosses?


Update - we have had a lot of wonderland info dumped, plus new video, so it’s very unlikely the 2nd anniversary will be focused on wonderland. Fingers crossed the surprise is something good in BL3 instead, but still no news yet.

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It crossed my mind that the surprise could be early access to a beta for all owners of BL3. It’s a little telling that this didn’t excite me.


so we prol get nothing :slight_smile: that simple
if wonderlands is out the window then it might just be a happy 2nd anniversary
and maybe a skin or something

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Probably a skin or a longer trailer for there tina game i bet. Keep your expectations low on this. I’m going to.


End-game content that is fun and interesting to keep playing :). If you play all there is (yes, there is way more!! Which is good!) at the highest difficulty level, and you finish it easily, there is no incentive to keep playing.

So for a lot of people, the only reason to fire up BL3 is if there is new content (it doesn’t have to be ‘end-game’ content). No new content, no reason to play.

I think the problem is that people want more to do in BL3 because they actually like it, but the content we got is devoured in no time at all :P.

BL2 had less special ‘events’, and with one year of full DLC packs and a few headhunter-packs wasn’t really more or less in content… It was just spread out over more years.

They gave is awesome content, and in a very rapid fire tempo. This had the good effect of keeping lots of people engaged, and keeping the game in the foreground by a lot of players and content-creators, etc… But the moment it stops, it feels like it’s a drop from a cliff → we go from lots of content regularly to no content at all, in only 1 to 1.5 year after release. That feels a bit ‘sudden’. At least, I wanted it to go on :stuck_out_tongue: .

If Tiny Tina now drops, I can view it as ‘a big BL3 DLC pack’ or as a new game, for me, it’s the same: I’m hungry for more content, so I’ll take it. For 60 bucks it is worth it for at least a single play through (I’ve paid more for games I played less :frowning: ) but it feeds the ‘more BL3 content’ for me. If I end up playing it after it, I’ll see. I’m happy if I do, I’m happy if I don’t.

So, I don’t care if we get more BL3 content or the next big drop is actually Tiny Tina. I see it as the same (just like BL:TPS was just another BL2 content drop for me, I play through it once, and I’m done, which is fine).

Personally, Tiny Tina gives them the possibility of making more content without ‘the story bringing them down’. There has been so much whining on the story and characters, that I think it’s a good idea to just ditch the Borderlands-world all together and do something completely different (which is basically what they have been doing with DLC2/3/4).

Away from the story, the location and the characters, they are free to make it a big DLC pack with new characters to play, new gameplay mechanics (maybe, sort of) and a completely new direction. For me, it’s just DLC7 and 8 rolled up into one big (more expensive) pack, and I’m all up for it.

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Happy 2 year anniversary everyone. Hopefully GBX has something big in store for us today!!

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No Hot-Fixes buffing Quest items?!?!

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Usually those are announced at 10am. GBX has been radio silent all day so far.

Found this on the main Borderlands site:

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It’s a birthday party thrown by Borderlands’ grandmother :rofl:

A nitted echo skin would be better :joy:

Not even going to bother… I don’t even have the time to play because i have to work…

Expectations where low but the results are lower :muscle:


Well that was a waste of time. Looks like the final vault card will be the only reason to come back to the game until then I’m uninstalling.

I was actually playing at 10:50AM trying to get the Vault Card kills at Madame Crawly’s when three Hoarder Tinks spawned at the nearby COV camp, which was odd. I came here, saw nothing, and went to Borderlands website and found the press release and all was made clear.

I could have been so much worse (Level Cap raise or a Mayhem Change making MM10 not the highest level gear in game).