My maya plan for end-game

So I’m on talon of the gods on tvhm and started thinking of what I what my end build to be so put it on the skill calc tell me what you think whether I should put points in other places or what not.


Your build isn’t showing up, Mal.

Ugh how do I paste the actual link? I’m only able to copy and paste, I’m sorry new to all the features on the forums.:frowning:

Click on the 4th icon from the left. The one that kinda looks like a metal chain. Then you paste your link in the window that pops up. If you want a section of your text to be the link, then you just highlight it before you click the icon.

Then your build will look like this! And your bild looks solid, btw! :wink:

I’m not a big fan of Blight Phoenix so I would put some points into Inertia for the shield recharge. Here’s how I’d spec instead.

And just because I’ve never been a fan of Blight Phoenix or Helios, here’s my 2 cents :slight_smile::
Unless you immediately plan to start hitting raid bosses I can’t see not having Kinetic Reflection, especially if you get a mod boost to it…

Heard blight phoenix gone, I was thinking that’s probably why I was going into ffyl other day in sawtooth, maybe a barrel exploded. I was using it for the stun but I do like inertia better.

needs more cloud kill IMHO :smiley:

I know it does I’ll put some more into that when I free up other points :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

KR is one of those skills that is great when enemies shoot at you, but useless aganist creatures. A build shouldn’t be static. Change it to suit your needs for the next area, and change it to adapt it to your gear. A lot of the skills in the Motion tree depend on that. Example… If you have a BoA and a L.Siren or L. Binder, you might feel that you could use the points in Quicken someplace else. Accelerate isn’t very good when you use the Pimp, but it’s great with the Sandhawk.

Respec is the way to go!

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What gear/weapons are you planning to use?

While I agree that you should respec based on the gear available I can only think of three areas off hand during the main game story line that are entirely melee only: 1- Windshear Waste up thru meeting Knuckledragger, 2- Caustic Caverns and 3- the Vault of the Warrior (after beating Jack). I’m leaving out any of the dlc and the Creature Slaughter Dome as that was originally an optional purchase. Every other area has some mix of melee creature/bandit and enemies shooting at you. It’s just my preference to have it regardless of the area…