My Melee Siren build

Like with my beastmaster I just want to make sure I put my skills in a good place for an elemental melee build. If you wondering why I have points in the blue tree, I put there to get the Soul Sap effect.

Your build is fine, although I think you are in between the 2 melee builds for Amara, depending on the relic. If you’re using a life-stealing platetoid, the only change I would do is switch 3 points form Do harm into fast hands.

I run this with unleash the dragon. Since I don’t care much about shooting, I am staying away from the blue tree. And I am not using the action skill for damage, so soul sap is not worth it to me. This also allows me to switch to the face puncher and white elephant and still good to farm bosses.

If you want to run a more face puncher white elephant exclusive build, go with this or this if you do not want to use ties that bind. The stickies stack with splash and crit damage and I went with the slam over phasecast because I do have a 300% facepuncher anointment.