My menu is all screwed up again (21:9)

Anyone having some trouble (again) playing on 21:9?

I can hardly reach all my tabs.


Yes, I just started having that issue, too. I recently got a 21:9 monitor.

Yes they borked the entire UI for 21:9 once again. Let’s hope this time they don’t take months to fix it.


You at least can see the buttons on top and the ammo/money you have on 21:9. On 32:9 the new update even with the safe area dialed back as far as possible cuts all of that off completely…

After today’s hot"fix" the top tabs of the echo menu is half off screen.

What is going on at GB? And the dailies are still broken? What are you doing? This game seems to deteriorate more with every month …


Part of the update patch notes mentioned something about a widescreen fix. You may want to double-check your settings in case they need tweaking a bit.

The fix on the dailies was acknowledged as incomplete at this point - they apparently addressed the ones the could this time around, and will fix the remainder later.

Merging into the relevant tech support thread…

Checked that immediately and found nothing to adjust that. But even UI scaling should not cut off screen elements.

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“today we will update ultra wide screen support without checking to see if it works”
( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)


Yup same here with 2560x1080 res.
It was working fine before the update and now its all broken.

This is not the first time either, its like every few update or so they break the UI for me.
I already had this monitor when the game was relased on EPIC and it was more or less fine back then, stop breaking what aint broken.:neutral_face:

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Exact same issue as OP. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it Gearbox… But now it’s broke….so fix it!


And here I though I went and broke my game again! Happy to see that I’m not the only one having this.

Playing on 3440x1440 with a RTX3070. Also I noticed that the visual options got grouped by category which is neat.

Please hot fix that !

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Same here on Surround :frowning:
Res: 5813x1080



This is usually stemmed from Unreal Engine 4 Not using this setting like Unreal 3 was


But Unfortunately what ever tweaks gearbox did to Unreal makes it ignore this setting. It works for every other Unreal engine 4 game I have. But this one.

Honestly I am not to miffed about some of the main menus being screwed up like Borderlands 2 was, but the Echo Device is unusable like this.

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They should really look into this with fixing the HUD scaling option as well.
(This update removed this option from the menu BTW, this already happened last year as well, and then the next update brought it back. Also we have several new graphics option, this is once again happened last year as well)
(PC Version, epic)

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Same here on my UW. Come on gearbox! Please fix, unplayable.

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Same problem here. Makes the game very difficult to play. PLEASE FIX THIS.

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I’m having the same problem (I’m on the Epic Games Store version with a 21:9 monitor). It took them over a year to fix it last time it was like this so I don’t have high hopes for them fixing this any time soon.

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running into the same issue. should be able to fast file this in, im sure there are other fixes that GB are looking to push together. just going to be patient.

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Me as well on an LG 34GN85B-B.

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Here we go again… Another Patch Update that fuckitup the UI, HUD and user interface in general with the Scaling value…

When 2k and gearbox will enable a Manual Option were we just can Adjust the value to our desire scale % so we can fix it on the go without waiting another dam lazy hot fix.

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Happened to me as well. Couldn’t find a way to fix it. I don’t mind the menu being too big, but I also can’t drop items anymore if I have maxed out my inventory because the buttons are gone.

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