My menu is all screwed up again (21:9)

I can confirm this error (21:9 UW Screren)

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I have the very same issue on my 21:9 Widescreen

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I have the same problem, but to a worse extent because my monitor is 32:9 (5120x1440)

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Can we all chip in and buy gearbox a monitor to test on?


It used to be the mayhem and guardian rank tab. Now, it’s the entire in-game menu, really annoying.

just remember to press Q :wink:

Oh lord…

This ever gonna get fixed? Have they acknowledged it’s even an issue?

Just started playing borderlands 3 to see this problem with 21:9, yet their previous games worked well with ultrawide. Please fix.

I have the same issue. 2k support informed me that the GB developers are aware of this issue but I don’t think it is going to be a hotfix. Most likely to be patched with next major update

Same issue here. 32:9. Very annoying to come back to a game that was working perfectly, only to see the same issue previously fixed surface again.

Same Problem with Samsung 32:9 in Inventory Tab since last update (again)

How in the world is this not fixed yet? UI scaling was fine an update ago. Are that few of us on ultra-widescreen monitors that this is just flying below the radar or something?

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This isn’t a settings thing. You cannot adjust this with settings. This was working correctly previously and was broken again in the latest update. This was also an issue some time back, was fixed, and now broken again. It’s very nearly unplayable on 32:9 aspect and only playable when using hotkeys to navigate the menu.

Would be nice to have some kind of reaction. Even something like: Sorry no priority right now, expect a fix no earlier than 3 months from now…

Played the game first time in a very long time and we are back to this off screen menu poop again, geez… 2560 x 1080p

Wanted to do a fresh run through after a while and I have this issue now (2560x1080)