My Mexhromancer is stuck on level 61 and can't get up

I’m in uvhm right now and I’m am pretty frustrated at the fact that someone glitch myechromabcer to getting to level 61 and it won’t gain anymore xp. I spent alot of time doing this and I don’t want to have to restart. Can anyone try to figure out what’s gone wrong?

Hi there! It sounds like you either do not have the UVH2 expansion pack installed, or it’s there but the system isn’t recognizing it as licensed for use.

I’ll assume you’ve already cleared your 360’s system cache and rebooted it.

First thing then would be to go into your 360 Systems > Storage > disk > Games & Apps > Borderlands 2 folder and scroll through. You should see a file called UVH2 in there. If it isn’t, then you’ll need to purchase it (if you didn’t already do so or have it as part of the GOTY edition or through the Season Pass) or make sure it’s re-downloaded.

If it’s there but your game still isn’t letting you gain XP pass 61, then you’ll need to refresh the system’s DRM list by following the steps on the Microsoft help page for performing a License Transfer.

Once you’ve done that, fire up the game and do to the Downloadable Content list at the main game menu. Scroll through and you should see the UVH2 pack listed there with the word “Installed” on it.

Assuming that’s the case, hopefully when you start playing your character again you’ll resume getting XP.