My Miko healing build

Now I don’t know if other people play this way with Miko, but this build is if you people who are new to the game. Now before we began let me make this clear as crystal. Miko is not meant to be used as a pocket medic. If you do that to Miko get FAR away from the healing class ok? But any way’s here’s the build.

Level 1: Breath deep.
Now for other’s people might use moment speed to be able to be close to their target while healing them. I find that i am close enough to my allies so i can heal them…then again it doesn’t help that they run away from me every time i start healing them so go with what ever you want.

Level 2: Regenerative Aura.
This is a no-brainer. If you play Miko like a true healer class, you want to heal every one the best way you can. While you won’t be able to heal that much it’s good any way for people who aren’t in battle who need healing as you a still healing them.

Level 3: Plentiful Healing.
This again is a no-brainer, You want to heal your team as fast as you can. But if you do not have this mutation unlocked pick the cooldown reduction. As increased reload speed is not needed as the reloads are pretty swift already.

Level 4: Sporeshock.
This will help you with people attacking you when you have no team mates around as you will be able to stop them and do some pretty hard damage if you aim right.

Level 5: Toxic Transfusion.
Even if you have another healer on your team pick this one any way. This allows you to heal yourself when your Biosynthesis is down. Even if you went with cooldown reduction this is still a skill you want to pick up as you will be able to heal your self off of anything!

Level 6: Probiotics.
Biosynthesis is your 2nd life line. While toxic transfusion will always be there for you. This will increase your self healing even more to make sure you don’t die as quickly.

Level 7: Bladeslinger.
While again you might want to pick movement speed because you can run away more easily you won’t really need it as much as long as you still have toxic transfusion. Besides this will help to damage enemies quicker when you stun them.

Level 8: Residency.
Now i know what your thinking. “Wouldn’t it be better if i got cooldown reduction because i will be healing people with my beam all the time.” While that is true and you can pick that perk if you want to keep in mind if you picked the Regenerative Aura you want to increase the time your healing your team mates that are far away from you that you can’t heal of hand.

Level 9: Pick which ever one you feel like.
I mainly pick Resilient Strain. Level 9 is kind of a throw away point if you get what i mean.

Level 10: Vicious Strain.
I pick this one because when you think about it, if their not going to attack the mushroom right away they will run into it. While it might not do a lot of damage to enemies it’s better then no damage.

Now for some tips. Because your a healer, you want to stick with your team the best you can to be able to help them when they start losing a fight. This doesn’t mean pocket medicing them. Your job is to heal every one not one person. And its ok if you can’t heal all of them your doing your best to support the team as a whole.

Now for the gear. I use this gear set up on all of the healers besides kleese.

Sprint speed. If you have it i recommend you use the Vidanium Root Tea as after 10 seconds of sprinting you drop a healing ball.

Healing Received, with what ever side effect you want. I pick this one to be able to heal myself more easily.

Heal power, with again what ever side effect you want. Now i have heard this is useless for the most part but you might want to keep it any ways so you will be able to increase you healing powers!

This can be used both in PVP and PVE so you story mode people go crazy with this build.

Thank you for reading and tell me what you think of this build!

Actually, Miko can be used as a pocket medic very well in a way that no other healer in BB can. Of course, when I say pocket, I don’t just mean sitting on one person the entire game. Still, it is a “pocket” healer far more than any other healer has the capability of being. Pocket meaning they can sit behind someone and keep em alive for awhile.

With that said…many of your no brainer helix choices i feel should be more like “IMOs”.

Specifically, helix 2, 4, 5, 6,7, and 10 I differ with you :0

but props to making the guide for new people :slight_smile:


There are 2 main ways to play miko.

Combat medic or pocket healer.

A pocket healer do nothing else than just heal and stay alive.
1left: u need to strafe and dance around your tank.
2right: use it to save your tank and urself.
3L: 15% cd on a skill that increase your speed and self heal
4L: you cant stop and try to aim the enemy, instead give a huge area of cc
5L: if you are going to attack get some hp for it
6M: heal anyone heals you even more
7L: if your tank is dead or you get focused run
8R: 5extra seconds of speed and self heal
9L: increase the huge area of slow
10M: you dont have time to heal others.
Gear: m speed + h power - buildables, hp+hp-shield, dr+regen-shield or h power+h power-shield.

Your job is heal 24/7 and stay close to your tank all the time and move fast around him. You need to trust your tank, you need to follow him when he push or retreat.

Combat medic needs to balance attacks and heals.
1R: slow minions and key targets
2L: the faster you heal others, less time healing and more time attacking
3M: same as above, right can be usefull tho
4R: you need to aim it correctly to get the stun
5R: poison a minion wave and you will never get behind in lvls
6M:same as lvl2
7: both are good right is the best if you go right lvl 3
8L: you wont speend a lot of time in biosynthesis, you aim for short burst heals.
9R: if you missed by an inch they get the heavy slow or anyone who dares to follow you
10R: you are constantly healing and attacking you dont really need it for heals, also it combo extremly well with middle lvl 5 but is so late game you might not get enough reasons to go midle.
A power+hp-shield, regen+ h recive-shield, h power+ att dmg or h power+ h power -shield.

Your job is heal everyone asap so you can help with minions and cc players, heal faster in a short time is better for your dps, you wont waste time healing.

Awesome but no love for We Are Many (10M)?

I happen to think Heal Thyself is very under-rated compared to the other choice at helix 2. Not that the other choice at 2 is bad, but when you need to pop bio and are keeping a tank alive, the amount of self healing you do is phenomenally fast. it is almost impossible to get focused down with a Bio’d Heal Thyself running around with a warm body to heal by you.

To me, Miko’s weakness is durability in the thick of combat and ease of getting focus’d down in the thick of combat. Heal Thyself, coupled with the later helix choices helping bio stay longer or proc quicker keep you comfortably in the lane longer. Being comfortably in the lane longer keeps everyone alive longer.

Just my theoretical take on things. As I mentioned, it helps to me that Heal Thyself’s self regen rate when healing someone else with it pop’d is absurdly fast. Too fast? Maybe!

Also, among many other things entirely imo, is that intelligent usage of Breath Deeply and Trail of Spore CC is 100x more lethal (and has 100x the utlity) than Spore Shock.

This is how i play miko

I like the stun, is my best escape tool or help to confirm a kill

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I did a guide on Miko a few months ago, where I thoroughly went through his skill tree, playstyles, gear (which I admittedly should update), tips and more. If you want to see how I reason regarding certain things about Miko, you can check there.

I do want to point out a few things here though to this post specifically;

Miko’s a fantastic pocket healer and is probably the best in the game at being such a healer. Playing Miko as a pocket healer doesn’t mean exclusively healing one player, but primarily focusing on one or two at a time, your tanks/front-liners if you will.

Healing just one player? Then you need to learn to play more effectively.
Pocket healing your front-line? Then you might just be doing your job.

No, it isn’t. It’s an under appreciated helix, but ia under no circumstance a no-brainer. Miko’s one of the easiest targets to kill in the game and Heal Thyself will save you a lot. Regenerative Aura is best picked when you got another healer, against a team whose incapable of locking you down/bursting you down or you have 3/4 tanks/melees/front-lines. It will increase your healing done for the moment, but that may bring hollow if you’re repeatedly dying, leaving your team without a healer (or one of them) and feeding the enemy team exp. And while Regenerative Aura can save players from certain situations, Heal Thyself allows you to make dives yourself to save someone like Attikus, Phoebe or Kelvin or just be a part of that dive in the first place. They’re both really good and shouldn’t be overshadowed by one another.

This, again, is not a no-brainer. If you’re running Regenerative Aura, you might want Evolutionary Emergence instead since the raw heal from Biosynthesis is all you got to heal yourself and to capitalise on the additional healing granted by Regenerative Aura. Also, with Evolutionary Emergence his ultimate Fungus Among Us only has a 6 second cooldown unless you pick We Are Many at level 10.

Trail of Spores is a fantastic CC-tool to delay an entire lane, or even team, especially when combined with Breathe Deep. It’s also great to create “no-go zones” or as an initiation skill to try and lock down agility-reliant characters such as Mellka, Thorn or Deande.

Not all characters who will go for it are melees who need to get into it to kill it.

Also We Are Many makes you able to have Fungus Among Us active at all times and allows you to be more flexible and responsive as to when and where you throw it down.

This is the gear I use at the moment;

Unstable Neural Accelerant

+9.80% Sprint Speed
+17.50% Recoil

0 cost

Antiquated Stout Ekkuni Wristguard

+9.10% Attack Damage
+210 Maximum Health after surviving 180 seconds
-140 Maximum Shield

420 cost

Attack damage actually affecs Miko’s Healing Beam, which is why I use increased attack damage on him at this moment.

A primary attack speed piece of gear beats a secondary healing piece of gear (9.10%>7.00%).

The increased health after 3 minutes is a quite nice boost to his survivability as well.

Drained Survivor’s Remedy Box

+14.00% Heal Power
+7.00% Heal Power after surviving 180 seconds
-42.00 Shield Recharge Rate

630 cost

I keep the loadout cheap to allow myself to stay in lane at all times without having to leave it for shards.

All in all, I think it’s somewhat too streamlined. Miko’s my favourite character, largely because of the versatility his helix tree offers. In my guide, I made 4 different helix combination reccomendations; Single Healer, AoE-Healer, Wave-clear Support and Assassin Support. The helix choices at level 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10 ahould all be chosen dynamically depending on the match. The skill of the opponents, opposing team comp, your team’s team comp, mode, map etc.

Gameplay videos of me playing Miko;




I realise I’m not thorough enough at certain points, and there are things I’d like to say which I haven’t covered here, but typing on the phone is not optimal for longer texts :sweat_smile:

But that’s also why I refer to my guide to Miko, you can see more of my thoughts more thoroughly there on how to play Miko all in all.

Edit: Fixed the gear positives and negatives.

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I find Miko be one of the most well-balanced characters at the moment. Might just need an ever so slight buff to something like his self-heal on Biosynthesis to make him more durable, maybe even increased max health given his lack of shield and large crit-spot.

If he should be brought up to a higher tier in the current meta, I’d say a slight boost to his healing to make him truly excell at just that as he doesn’t bring as much to the table as other healers. Alani, Ambra and Kid Ultra can all deal large amounts of damage while maintaining a solid stream of healing. One could bring up Miko’s damage potential (as it’s moderate at best if you’re doing proper healing), but that would arguably encourage players to play Miko for unintended purposes as Miko can’t deal damage while healing. Therefore I think it’d be best to simply emphasise Miko’s healing.

Derailing my own post, within the post. Why not?

As said though, I think he’s in a great spot at the moment myself. He’s a strong, versatile and capable healer who is relatively easy counterable by the right characters and remains kill-able by non-direct counters.


Do you realize that your entire post regarding helixes specifically right now was word for world like a gigantic extract from my brain regarding the OP’s original post?

Are you secretly stalking me? Or…am I unknowingly stalking you? I mean, if you look at my first two posts in this thread, you’ll probably laugh

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@SirWalrusCrow See the reason why i go with parasitic healing is because when you think about it using your biosynthesis you have no way to heal your self with out running back to a healing station or ask another healer to heal you. But with Parasitic healing is to help with when Biosynthesis is on cool down. The way I see it, Parasitic healing is a crutch perk. Kind of like how in Call of duty black ops 2, toughness was a crutch perk. But I see why most people wouldn’t use it. I have used it all the time and gotten a 17 and 2 game play using this set up. Granted mostly i play quick play and fight with level 5’s and the such so maybe i shouldn’t really be bragging.

Awesome Miko game. :slight_smile:

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