My Mod is up - thanks for all the help!

Hello internet friends,

I’m satisfied with the state of the mod I’ve been working on, and it’s available on Steam now:

Check it out, it’s totally fun!

I wanted to thank all of you guys who helped me, and I’ll return the favor whenever I can!

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@Captain_Freedom This mod is amazing. Everybody in the modding committee should play this at least once. I especially like the Taiidan multi-Beam Dreadnought and Makaan’s Revenge Sajuuk.
I do however have a question. Can I use the Multi-Beam Dreadnought and Makaan’s Revenge Sajuuk in my Mod (see link here) as I think the Taiidan and the Vaygr would be more powerful if they have it in their fleets? I will credit you for your ship designs.

Hi - glad you like it! We’re going to try to get a game going at around 8PM CET if you want to play, so like 2.5 hours from now.

I didn’t do doodley-squat on the models themselves; they’re out of the game, so anybody can use those, but please don’t just copy stuff out of my mod into yours. That would be lame. If you want to make a ship out of an existing model, it’s pretty easy, you can just look how I did it, or if you need help, just post something in this forum and I or someone else will help you for sure.

I was thinking about using some stuff out of other mods too: I thought about the damage increase feature from the dual-command mod or something like the experience system from complex, but I figure that’s someone else’s intellectual property, and even if I changed it a little bit, it’s still just ripping off their idea. Not that Mods are really in competition with each other, but kind of. I’m gonna play my Mod with my friends and the other collaborators, and it would be cool if a lot of other people started enjoying it too. I’d be awesome to be able to find a game whenever I want. But I think I would be trying to poach the players from other mods if I started just copying features and ships and stuff like from them.

Besides, if you want to play a game with the mighty Multi-Beam Dreadnaught and its terrifying Cyclone Ionizer, or slice your opponents in half with the Deep-Bore Lasers of the deadly Kushan Heavy Destroyer, then you could already just play GOLIATH, right? =D

How did you make the Multi Beam Dreadnought and Makaan’s Revenge in the first place? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Start by checking out the X.ship file. You can kind of tell what most of it means just by the name of the variable. Then check the weapon files that are referenced in the .ship file.

Here’s a good reference on what the weapon file variables do because that’s not obvious:

Just play around with that stuff and you’ll see it’s pretty straight forward.