My Moze Gunner build

I just need someone to tell me how this looks. I think this would be good for solo and does the most damages though I do like demo I found it made me too fragile for me when mixing with BM. The weapons I would go with her are Valdo, Touge, and Tedore.

Are you planning to run ___ + deathless with a big boom blaster shield? For being solo theres still a number of things that can take you down in 1 shot while below healthgate
___ being… what classmod? Im assuming based on skills blastmaster; but the choice in weapons leads me to guess bloodletter

Well yes I will be using that but now I’m having a bit of trouble diceind on witch tree to go donw after the red one. Either foces on the green one, the blue one, or mix them.

We have similar build except I chose Match Set instead in the Green Tree. I use Green Monster com with a good roll and I use only Vladof weapons.

I can solo TVHM Mayhem 4. I actually finished it last night. I have no problems surviving with my Big Boom Blaster and Deathless. My main loadout is Faisor, Dictator, Lucian/Shredifier, and ION Cannon.

I skipped the Blue Tree because there’s not enough points to put in there. You’d need at least 6 points to make that tree useful.