My Moze is dead

So, my moze character is having a glitch where I can’t heal or buy a heal to heal her. And whenever I would travel place to place my health would stay low. It would only surpass a certain limit when I would get revived by a friend… does anybody know what’s going on??

Check your gear and skills. There are things that purposely drop health, and you’ve likely equipped/specced in to such a thing without realising the full impact of the fine print.

Okay thank you, but it was coming from a passive ability from a skill I didn’t have equipped. It was “activated” from my legendary class mod… I thought my account was broken :joy: but anyways thank you, you are a life saver!!!

Yeah, that’s a big change from previous games. It does mean that you can spread points around a bit more effectively, but - as you discovered - there’s a potential downside!

Loaded dice has me running about with 1300 hp