My Moze theory build: Never ending explosive

With the new skill guide up I was able to make my planned build. it all about doing a big load of damages as I have both BM and DW skills. I have about the most top rate skills the guide siad. I also have some of the Iron bear skills as I was thinking that I would just activate it when low on help or big bad fights than just get out and tag team with it. Now I have look thought some of the top gear suggestions and well keep an eye out for them but until I get them I will be most likely going with vlaof and touge weapons, also tedor since my reagnedse amor will fix the problem of those gun eating up a lot of ammo. Of course for class mods I was thinking to pick up are Boomer, FireWalker, Low Life, Grenadier and Marksman. And for the Legendary, I thinking of using either Blast master, Mind Sweeper, or Rocketeer. The only thing I don’t know is what grenades and shields I should use during leveling. Feel free to tell me what you think of my build

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I run a similar build at max lvl, using blast master class com and splash dmg weapons, good thing with BM spec is that you almost never have to reload with say, a maliwan splash dmg smg so the 100% bonus splash dmg is pretty much up all the time.

I even found an anointed blue maliwan splash dmg smg that gives +120% splash dmg for 18 secs after exiting IB, with 2x splash dmg minigun on IB it actually does surprisingly decent dmg on MH3 TVHM , if you can find a wester gun, faisor (alternate mode does splash), orgre or lasersploder with this anointed bonus its even better, and all that splash dmg bonus is great for those high dmg grenade mods like epicenter, tina’s hippity hopity, moxi’s bouncing pair etc.

the idea here is get in then out of IB to proc the buff, then blow stuff up with grenades and auto bear, probably not the most OP builds but hey at least you can solo slaughter shaft with it :smiley:

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