My name is abusive!

Sup folks,

So with the new friendslist and such we are getting with this new update, I decided to change my Shift name to my regular online name.

So apparantly…. VinBlake, Vin_Blake and VinnyBlake are all too offensive for GB… I mean come on…

Anyone having some issues converting their name?

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There have been a couple of folks that ran into the same issue, although in those cases I could guess why. Right now, about the only thing you can do is file a support ticket. I know the team is currently working on the relevant system, although there is no timeline for an update at this point.

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Same here. I thought I would just hop on BL3 and check out what’s new, then they hit me with the name changer. I try to put my name as “JustDrago” but apparently it is “Abusive”. I am really confused.
It may be like to stop people from putting “Dragingmynuts” or something.

Dragonwalnuts lul


Update: Filed a support ticket, wich was a hassle I must say, jeez… Only time will tell if this will get resolved!

thnx for the reply, i just may do that tbh, like what the actually F is wrong with VinBlake?


yeah, that is as abusive as ‘VinBlake’ is… go figure

Well, I’ve managed to change your forum username without any issues. Not what you are after, I know, since this won’t affect your in-game username.

thnx, i finally got some name working, VinceTheBelgian. Lets just see how this forum thing is working in conjunction with shift accounts.

thnx for the effort though, appreciated!

edit: oh wait, my name is VinBlake on the forums now? cool, like to keep it that way, mods? looking at you with puppy eyes to keep it that way :smiley:


Yup, no problem.

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Have this problem in Borderlands 2 ever since it updated to change the servers. The very same username I have here is considered inappropiate. The root cause is probably the same in any case, that being the profanity filter.

And this.

I had no problem using ‘gittyman’ which should be considered offensive as a ‘git’ in England is a term meaning stuck up b*stard :stuck_out_tongue:

Thinking to an immediate workaround, if we choose to go with a temporary name is it possible to change it later?

Its been 8 months, I’d really like to play now

EDIT: 6 months (though it feels like so much longer)

For anyone who wants to play but cant get past the dumb cross-play menu. I’ve had success moving steam to offline mode and playing that way. Hopefully I don’t lose hours of progress when I do finally go online. LAN play appears enabled though, so that’s worth something i guess

you can change your name at any point, I changed mine already 3 times.

You should change your name to “Abusive” to confuse them.


Maybe ‘Abusive’ is the name of that Psycho who wants us to remember it but always dies before he manages to say it?

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Quite weird that filter.
“KnightOfNSFW” is offensive, but “SquireOfNSFW” is not.
I would love to see the filter´s rules…

I was under the impression with the new cross play system that usernames would be the same here as they are in game? As long as the same shift account is linked.

I tried to go by Cucumbered, but that was apparently very abusive, tried Cucumber, but alas, that’s basically harassment. Luckly, LickMyBigBalls was okay. So was GiveMeOral. Honestly, who made this filter, Bethesda?

I’m now know as AbusiveNames, because sticking with Cucumbered was too much to ask.


Any thing do with night is abusive apparently. i ussually have a IGN call Overnight aparrently is abusive. then i went for this:
DriveNightCar(Cantonese term of Overnight work as i remember)

yes… All are abusive. i think the 2k team and the people from gearbox Crunch so much the simple mention of overnight work scare the living sh!t out of them.