My Narrative: How Battleborn influenced my social life

Greetings fellows, I’m here to share with you a story. This story shapes the very way I view and use the social aspects of video games. This is but a single portion of the story, if you wish to view the rest, you may do so here. To make a long story short, this post is one of a series that details the way I was able to maintain a healthy social life after being removed from public school. This post is the fifth post in the series and as such may be confusing in some parts. That said, it should still function on its own.

Battleborn was a game I didn’t understand at first. My younger brother swore by it, but to me it seemed like a good FPS mired by all the garbage that comes with mobas. During the first few months of its life I was busy playing other games. Chief among them, Evolve Stage 2. After I got burnt out on that game, and most of my old friend group had moved on to other games, or even away from games entirely, I decided to join my younger brother in this one. I started playing just a bit before the reign of terror that was launch Alani. My brother had decided to help me learn the game, as we only had one copy of the game and of PS+. I started out with ISIC back when his rotating wards were busted OP. I brought all the FPS knowledge I gained from my time in Team Fortress 2, and I applied to an outstanding character. And I did awful. It took weeks of my brother’s instruction before I had a solid grasp on the different game modes and characters. Even then, I was a pretty sub par player for quite a long time. When we finally ended up getting another copy of the game and PS+, we played together for a huge portion of time. Unfortunately, during this time I was basically only playing with him, I no longer played games with my other friends and we fell out of contact. Not even my best friend, that had accompanied me in countless different games, followed me here. Though that probably had more to due with the fact he didn’t have a PS4 rather than any sort of animosity towards Battleborn.

While I do have a lot more to say about Battleborn, and how 2K has wronged me twice in a row. It is alas, not here that it shall be written. For this is part of a larger work and not the beginning of a rant. If you are interested in that work, you can find it here. The role Battleborn in this is to show what is to come. After the next game we play together me and my best friend basically begin only speaking with each other on our respective birthdays. And all the friends I played Minecraft and TF2 with are long out of contact.