My newbie Battleborn thoughts

Firstly, I absolutely love Battleborn now, but I will backtrack a little…

So I wasnt convinced witrh Battleborn at first…I tried a little in the Beta, a bit more on XB1 one upon release. I found it a bit confusing, and couldn’t find the games rhythm…
Loved the prologue, but just wasnt feeling it.

So I left it for a couple of weeks, yes, I got into OW-and I think that game is amazing for what it is, but I kept missing something about Battleborn, even with my frustrations…I wanted to see Mellka and Orendi again… : )

So I decided to just buy it, PS4 this time, and try a little harder. And , wow, I love it! I have gone back to OW since and have actually found it a little lacking , which I never thought would happen.
Which leads me to the following, which I know has been mentioned elsewhere, but I really think is why some people may have shied away from it:-

It needs a proper Tutorial/Manual! Really…Once you play awhile you realize the information is there telling you where to go/objectives etc, but when you pick the game up there is so much to take in, visually and levelling up etc, I really think explaining it outside of matches would help a lot.

Secondly, Being able to switch characters mid match would be amazing and take this game to another level. _But, I understand this may not work for the balance of the game, so yes, be nice but isnt essential _

Finally, an easier single player mode. Who cares if someone wants to play the story missions on easy? i would still play them as a team in public mode as its more fun, but it’d be nice to just play through the story missions solo without going fkn nuts.

Thats it.

I love you Battleborn, I am so glad I came back. And I now am offering any of my friends on xb1 or ps4, to pay half of the game for them, just because I believe in it and want more people to play it.
But either way, I will play it online solo with yall if no one else comes onboard, cause this game is awesome.

Thanks for listening.


A tutorial, especially for the pvp modes, would be a good thing.

I have to say that switching characters mid-match would probably break the balance in this game though. As neat an idea as it is.

I largely agree with you about story mode though. I see no reason why it shouldn’t be nice and easy, a good diversion from the pvp. Unless of course it’s on advanced, that’s a different ball of wax, but you choose to play advanced.

Glad you’re having fun, see you around!

Probably it’s because people try to learn how to play by going straight into public PVP.

If you do story mode single player first you’ll have plenty of time to read everything about your hero, his skills and helixes, get the feel of how you play him without all the PVP pressure.

If you do private PVP matches against bots you’ll much easily get to know what is going on and how PVP works here. Without, yeah, real PVP pressure. Bots won’t crush/snowball you unlike public matches, this is a good training camp for newbies.


Thanks…Yes, the switching characters mid match would be awesome, but isnt essential. If anything , it does give more replay to redoing missions with different characters as you need to utilise them well.

what platform are you on jmorales20?

Any seasoned designed should EXPECT players to ignore their story mode and go directly to MP skipping any tutorials. They want the steady dopamine drip of progression and they want it NOW.

They can either force a mandatory tutorial on peeps or just integrate info on objectives into the matches FAR more effectively.

Played this game quite a bit and I STILL don’t completely understand how the scoring is working.

Game needed months of beta testing instead of a few weeks before a rushed release because they needed money.

What do you suggest, for example?

The scoring does need some tweaking right now it kind of encourages TDM style combat for people who are new

well currently they put the tutorial type thing on the start room screen but everyone ignores it.

They could add splash text or an announcement when the doors open about what to do. They could add loading screen tips. Those are incredibly effective as players have nothing else to do during the load.

During notable scoring events of the match, they could again add voice or text splash announcement updates regarding what to do.

The tips needs to point out what ISN’T helping more than what is. “your team gets very little points from kills without holding 2 or more nodes” or something like that. No idea if that is even accurate, just an example.

I completely agree that they need a proper tutorial… seriously, a big tutorial guiding characters through a PVP match and explaining some of the mechanics.

I think it would do wonders for players performance during a match.

I completely disagree about switching characters mid-match though… that does not work in a MOBA (which is what PVP is) the point is you level your characters… you can’t level them if you’re switching. You farm, you level, you gather XP… there are early game characters and late-game characters, and there are team compositions which work and those which don’t.

Not being able to change characters makes the game more strategic.


Agree with both of your overall statements.

I definitely don’t want to see characters being changed mid game. If your not happy with the characters people are choosing on your team, then one suggestions is grouping up.

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I certainly agree with you on tutorial. I mean, its nothing we can’t do as responsible users to youtube the many tutorial vids available, but yeah easier access would definitely be a bonus.

… As far as switching heroes mid map, if they ever do this… i’m out. Team composition is extremely important and a lot of pug’s obviously don’t realize this. This is part of the strategy of playing competitively. Being able to switch heroes mid match was something I detested about OW, and its just like all of Blizzards other games, catering to the casual. I know some people really like it, but it takes the challenge or accountability away from the user when they’ve made their first error, and chosen not to be a team player.

I’m on PS4.

Battleborn is my first MOBA at all, and I feel like the learning curve wasn’t all that bad. I’ve been group gaming with some friends who are more experienced, so they’ve been able to guide me a bit. I’m an avid tabletop gamer, so I came in with an advanced understanding of roles and team comp., but learning exactly WHY each character fits a role in BB has been the challenge for me. As an example, my first look at Kelvin had me seeing him as 100% a tank, but it seems he’s more control/brawler.

My friends and I did a LOT of story mode. While the pulse-pounding, one-mistake-and-you’re-dead environment of PvP has its charm, I’d honestly say I prefer just kickin’ it and laying waste to hordes of mooks with a squad. It’s pretty satisfying after a stressful day at work.

One of my first dedicated gaming sessions to public PvP in Incursion, after getting shot full of holes as Monty and some of my other story-play favorites because I was being too aggressive, I decided to switch tactics in my development. I saw there was a level 100 Master of Rath playing his favorite Not A Vampire swordsman, so I grabbed Miko and and learned a LOT just following him through the match. I stunned and slowed guys with spore bombs for him to slay, gave him mushrooms to dance around, and kept my finger on that heal beam while I watched him work in close quarters. I watched his skill timing; what were the points when he thought it was best to use his “big guns.” When he withdrew, I bailed out too. When he pressed, I followed. I then used Reyna with a high-level Whiskey Foxtrot, and that was helpful too to get clues on ranged game. I got a big assist total that game by marking his targets for him, and I remember my team won those games pretty big. Both were kind of a turning point for me.

I’d recommend trial by fire. Swallow your pride, and be ready to have games where you get splatted a dozen times. I’d also recommend “watching” as a support character, like I did. If you see someone who’s of a high level on your matchmade team and not playing a support character, choose a supporter character like Miko or Reyna for yourself and follow them around. That way, you’re not only contributing to the team by helping that player maximize his performance, but you can see what they do, both engaged and outside of combat. You’ll probably need to break off a bit to make sure you can get your own Shards, but watch them and you’ll see: when do they go for Thralls? What Shard routes do they like? What defines sufficient lane pressure or wave clearance for them? When do they pursue for the kill, and when do they back off? When do they feel it’s the right time to push on a Sentry? Even if you’re not voice linked, you can learn a lot just by watching what the experts do, and add it to your game.

TL;DR: accept you will get beaten in PvP, and watch what the high-level guys do.