My next target build for Zero

Some time soon I plan on returning to Borderlands 2 to start a new Zero and take him up to level 72. My build will probably look something like this:

Any comments? or suggestions?

I hope to be able to solo some raid bosses with it (such as Terra, Pyro Pete and the 4 Dragons). I’d also like to use it for general mobbing and doing just about any mission. I obviously like at least a little melee. But my focus is primarily some gunning. I don’t like Critical Ascension because I feel the stacks deplete too quickly. Obviously I’m a fan of bore. And I like getting in one massive shot coming out of deception.

And here’s an alternate that adds in more melee focus.

My Zer0 is only at level 57 so far, so I can’t comment much on either build. Mine is currently mostly cunning & bloodshed. I’ve been (roughly) basing it off the DDD guide for Zer0 which is just ^ up there If you look at the bottom of the master post in that thread, you’ll see a bunch of suggested builds, with versions of each one at different stages in levelling. I highly recommend taking the time to read through that material, and check out the build that fits your play-style best. Have fun!


Upon reviewing that guide, I’ll definitely use something like:

Because I’ll want Many Must Fall, Death Blossom, Death Mark and Bore. The synergies possible with those first 3 sound amazing.

Looking at your builds, both of them are pretty solid, with a few adjustments here and there:
For your Gun Build, take points out of C0unter Strike and put them into Fast Hands; you’ll get a better reload and faster swapping from your slag to your damaging weapon, and C0unter Strike is only good for one hit in a short time frame. Velocity is a very “Eh” skill personally for me, especially if I’m not boosting it since it primarily boosts bullet speed, and gun damage second (however, a Legendary Killer COM should make that less of an issue.) For most guns, boosts to bullet speed is fine, but for Red-Text weapons where the bullets split up (Unkempt Harold, Pimpernel, Lyuda, Twister, just off the top of my head,) they can actually end up hurting you. In that case, I would take those points and put them into F0ll0wthr0ugh and/or Execute.
This build is what I’ve been using that’s similar to yours, while having some of these points taken into consideration.

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Good suggestions.

So my Fearless points and One Shot One Kill points are kinda floating. Not sure where to put them. Accuracy, Optics or Two Fang are where I’m considering putting them. The 4 points in fearless have to remain in that tree though because of the Kunai.

Now leaning towards this:

But, depending on the class mod I want to use some points might move around in order to get at least one in something. Two fang and Fearless are the floating points now.