My observations with XBOX ONE performance

I have a day one edition XBOX connected to 65" LED 120Hz. The frame rate performance has been poor, to the point where it is unplayable.

I also have a newer XBOX (bought within last 6 months) connected to a 55: LED 240Hz. The frame rate is flawless, runs smooth as glass. Exactly what I was expecting the game to be.

On both XBOX’s the game is installed to the local hard drive. I swapped the XBOX’s between the two TVs. I wanted to see if the frame rate problem would follow the TV or follow the XBOX.

The problem follows the XBOX. It runs poorly on the day one edition, regardless of the TV it is connected. In my case, the frame rate problem is tied to older XBOX hardware. I’m not saying the game can’t or won’t run well on the older hardware, as I play many other games (Destiny, GTAV) and they run fine. I’m just sharing my experience.

I have a new Xbone and Borderlands 2 is almost unplayable. Can take up to 10 - 20 seconds for the inventory screen to open and load properly. Driving around, there’s a lot of slow down. The problems aren’t just restricted to the older consoles.

I’ve got a Day One Xbone hooked up to a 42" Plasma that is a few years old now and isnt even full HD, and a Digital edition of the HC and so far Pre-Sequel is running really well. Only a couple of issues where it slightly stutters and you can see lines cutting through the display when running or moving, but other than that…no issues apart from the customisation and the Baddass rank like everyone else.

Haven’t really run through BL2 yet, Im gonna wait till the BR is fixed before I delve too deeply into it, but yeah…all good for me thankgod.

Day One owner here and BL2 runs almost flawlessly. It’s normally a constant 60fps. I’ve only noticed a dip once so far in Bloodshot Stronghold.
TPS has been pretty good but that’s where a lot of the clipping happens for me. It runs pretty smooth as well but the performance isn’t as great as BL2.

Playing the clap trap dlc for the first time now. I’m like 15 minutes in but the screen tearing does not seem to be As bad. I actually don’t even really notice it.

I have 2 identical tvs (50 inch Sony bravia tvs) set up right next to each other with 2 Xbox one (also have 2 wiiu and ps4 hooked up as well). One of the Xbox is from launch the other is from that xmas. They Xbox one both have the same external hdd. Everything is the same down to the hdmi cords.

Set up one BL2 frame rate crippled and massive screen tearing in TPS

Set up two Bl2 frame right fine some times a stutter here and there, moderate screen tearing in TPS

Set up 2 is ther older xbox one with much more play time on it, other set up mainly for 2 player game.

Gearbox you done ■■■■■■ up!

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