My obsessive Mellka collection is almost complete!

Being perhaps the most tragically infatuated forum member (actual mid-game remark from @Ryballs: “I don’t need to hear about your Mellka fantasies right now”), I’m determined to possess everything Mellka. And this morning, I finally picked up Gunslinger (that wink at the end… :heart_eyes:), which means I’m so close. I have two of the three pack skins (Excursionist and Nomad), and of course I have the T2 skin. So I just have to get the garishly awful Vagrant skin now.

This, of course, is a statistical nightmare. Has anyone reading this managed to accomplish 100% Mellka yet (all skins, all taunts, all challenges)? I know the odds are against me, but I’m determined to do this. Hi there double credits: I know where you’re going.

Anyway. Sexy screenshot follows. So damn close.


I’m missing one taunt and two skins so I’m still a little far off but as for Orendi I have everything besides her one elusive taunt.

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I was like this with Deande lol, I still don’t have the white skin for her GRR!

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Hooray you finally got it. :slight_smile:

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Still like this with Deande lol, don’t have her T2… Don’t like it much :frowning: have Raths and Thorns, also not big on Orendi’s

As far as the topic goes, I love Melka’s T2!

I’m the exact same way. I’ve got all of her skins but neither Unkempt or Gunslinger, its killing me inside lol. I must spend 90% of my credits on Eldrid Loot Packs, worst RNG luck ever.

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I think my SO might have it all actually.

But she stumbles into these things all the time.

Eg: I farm Eldrid loot packs endlessly for a Talon of the Hawk, she buys one pack on a whim and gets one with better roll.