My One Concern about Battleborn

Hello. I am so excited about Battleborn, my friends can almost not stand to listen about it anymore! Luckily, when they start getting annoyed by my going on and on about how amazing the multiplayer is, I just direct them to a video of a Penguin in a Mech (I have become Toby, bringer of death!).

That being said, I think I recently realized something which makes me sad. It’s an issue that faces us all… well, those of us who played the CTT. Yes, you all know what I am talking about if you watch the newer videos released post CTT. Montana’s voice actor was either changed or the direction for the characters lines was changed.

Some of you may be thinking, "But Arcie, how does that effect us? We don’t play Montana and we don’t care about his large muscular rippling biceps or his sturdy strong chest… not to mention the size of his gun! And we don’t care about how when he gets hot and bothered with his firebullets, we can’t help but get hot and bothered inside too… What was I talking about? Oh yeah, his voice acting!

In the CTT and in a lot of footage including Montana, his voice acting reminded me a lot of Patrick Warburton. He had that sort of idiot nuance. Even in the story trailer, he seemed to have a smooth higher pitched voice of a moron. I reveled in the CTT in killing some noob and then hoisting my gun in the air yelling “Montana… MONTANA!!!” as their corpse starts to desegregate and return to the ether.

He reminded me of a more excitable Tick (Live Action version). I could imagine him using lines like, “Java devil, you are now my bitch” after mercilessly beating a coffee machine. In the story trailer, he has that personality while he is eating fruit loops and exclaims at the end of a heartfelt speech, “Man, this guy is GOOD!”. Unfortunately, the character shown in the skills overview is more gravelly, more hardened, and with more of a psychotic tinge to his voice.

I miss the gentle dumbass giant. Now maybe I am mislead and nothing has been changed. Maybe, it’s all in my head. But IF this has been changed, IF Montana has been reduced to some musclebound over-extended stereotype of a psychotic marine, it will be a huge loss to this community. Don’t like Montana? Well, there is something very wrong with you and you should go play the full priced half-finished game Overwatch.

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huh??? geez dood you really lost me

Is this another reference to something stupid that going on in the overwatch forum?
If not and that’s your only concern, everything is fine.

His voice sounds the same to me. Sounded the same since the first gameplay footage from 2014.

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But Arcie, there are 24 (eventually 29) other characters. It makes me sad too, but is going to be ok.

Montana was my fave in the CTT. I don’t feel like anything has changed between then and now. He’s still the same huge, lovable lug he’s always been. Specially now that it’s canon that he’s one of the friendliest Battleborn.
I agree that it would be a grave loss if he was reduced to “some musclebound over-extended stereotype of a psychotic marine”, but I don’t think that’s the case. I hope it’s not. I think we’re just seeing more of him now than we had before and that’s all.

The cereal scene showed the big guy still being a dunce. If the whole personality change happens mostly in game, although it will create a dichotomy in the character that will be somewhat bothersome, I won’t mind it that much because it can be attributed to the adrenaline of actual war and whatnot.

I hope this is all just us reading too much into it and he will actually maintain his personality throughout every aspect of the game.

Yeah, the more videos I catch, it seems to be just the one video. Go watch the skills overview for Montana at some point and you will see what I am talking about. If they just picked the worst lines from Montana, it seems like it was a wasted opportunity, seeing how funny Toby’s skills overview was!

Also, to the rest of you, yes, I was being a bit over-dramatic on this point and it was intentional. I am unbelievably excited for this game, Montana’s voice being changed or not. I just really prefer the goofy lovable big-guy way more than the steroidal marine body builder he is made out to be in the skills overview video on the character website.


“Guys, I’m out of ice jokes!”

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Montana’s Skill Overview and were released around the same time.

They probably just picked the worst lines.

ahhh geez get outta town dood, the skills overview is full of goofyness, here lemme list some of it

  1. small goofy head

  2. small goofy feet

  3. super duper goofy bubblegum

  4. you can think of him as a goat because of the way he chews, everyone loves goats

  5. superb yet goofy craftsmanship of making a small amiibo figurine of himself then tossing it away goofily

  6. goofy apparel, including his limited edition goofy hat

  7. lovable/goofy butt spanking in the middle of the video

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The concern isn’t over the character design, but over the voice-over lines chosen for that video. For example, when he says in a gritty voice while spanking himself, “Not safe for work!”, the other line I have heard for that taunt was, in a singing voice, “Inappropriate Gesture!”. Both of which are in a more gravelly voice than what we were presented with in the CTT. I will link those two videos below:

Montana Taunt and Skin Preview:

Montana Skills Overview:

Now, compare the voice presented for Montana in those videos to the one in this uncommented gameplay video:

ahhh yeah I see now, you’re right dood hmm yeahhh

I’m trying really hard to find a post from you that doesn’t have “dood” in it

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Hmm, I think the old voice had lines that tried to put him in a more serous badass direction but the voice sounds somehow whiny, the new voiceover fits better together with a more silly voice and quotes.

Don’t, you’ll strain something, dood. :smiley:

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