My One Sentence Review Of Borderlands 3

From a conversation with my younger brother just now about the lack of enemies and the huge, mostly empty levels:

Not gonna lie, I am a bit…maybe a lot…disappointed with Borderlands 3 right now.

I’ll keep at it.

I’ll Platinum trophy it and then some.

But, as with far too many latest instalments in beloved franchises lately, my hopes have been dashed and I feel quite let down.


Yep, it is fun but more on par with TPS then BL2.

Maybe after a few patches and they adjust things my attitude might change, but right now it’s just kind of…meh.

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I’m sorry, just…no.

TPS was an insane, unique, underappreciated masterpiece.

3 is…not.

Not to me, at least.

I realize not everyone feels the way I do about the PreSequel.


I enjoyed TPS, but it just had what I thought a few too many cheesy things to try to match BL2. I feel the same about BL3, too many cheesy additions to try to compete.

I still play TPS, but I play BL2 a whole lot more.

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Sorry to hear that dude,I had the same convo with friends and it didnt feel good mostly because we agreed and kept on expanding.
Well I really hope you atleast enjoyed Clay and Balex as much as I did because good character design! :slight_smile:


It’s certainly not a bad game, but it could have been better. The gameplay is great in my opinion, the guns are great, most of the new main characters are great (especially Ava, Clay, Lorelei, and Balex), the soundtrack is great, the art design is great. Most of the side quests are good, the series trademark humor is still there. The main issues for me are the main story, the rampant bugs and performance issues, and all of the nerfing that Gearbox has been doing post-release.

The main story just feels disappointing to me after all of the hype that Gearbox built for the next game in the series with the ending of Pre-Sequel. There are major bugs like banks being deleted, and major framerate issues that appear on my Xbox that won’t go away until I do a cold restart of the whole system. And the nerfing to the loot rates and fun items and builds really bugs me.


run faster maybe? Don’t see much notable downtime. I’ve read about it but really. Is 7 or 8 seconds running that much of a pain? Try being stuck in traffic…


I hear you on TPS, I quite liked it too.

Still, BL3 isn’t really it’s own beast anymore. They’ve pinched ideas and formats from both Destiny and Warframe which is OK but they’ve also slowed down the game a LOT.

  • Fewer, tougher enemies.
  • Overbearing self-damage mechanics on Splash.
  • Far weaker and more generic grenades (except the OP few).
  • Generically weaker heavy weapons (launchers) in general.
  • Mantling slows player movement as much as it allows verticality (and it’s not like ladders and stacks of boxes didn’t allow verticality before).
  • A large number of “loot padding” legendaries that are essentially no better than, and sometimes worse than, purples in effectiveness.
  • Invulnerability phases in boss fights.
  • Character/Skill and Weapon interactions are far more controlled and toned down.

In spite of the increase in the number of guns they can slap on the advertising and the rate of legendaries dropping essentially anywhere, it’s by far the most heavily curated Borderlands game yet.

In spite of the chaos of the advertising, Borderlands has lost it’s ability to revel in it’s own carnage which is kind of like losing it’s soul. I’m not having the same negative reaction to it that you are but I certainly understand why some people just aren’t going to like this new Borderlands format.


Empty levels? I’m not sure what game you’re playing, but in my game, enemies are a tad over-saturated.



I am envious.

If I see one “somewhat bad” comparison with TPS it’s the never ending spawn.
Not exactly in line with empty levels.

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@Dr_Do-Little @Similarly

Not trying to be a jerk, or disagreeable, or rude.

But never once in this game, not even in Athenas, Lectra City, the Anvil, or Skywell 27 (im just at the mid point of the Anvil), have I felt overwhelmed with enemies or that they were respawning too often.

And on the larger levels, except for some usually off the beaten path corners, it’s been almost walking / driving simulator 2019.


Mid point too.
Wouldn’t call it “overwhelmed”. Just that it wouldn’t stop when you think you’re done.
And another.
… And again. After you had time to rest.

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For me you just irredeemably lost all credibility.


Please let’s keep this civil!

TPS? What game is that?

If you do all the side quests dutifully you will quickly overtake the expected level for the maps (though map level seems… nonsensical sometimes with level going up then down then up again), hence game will become easier…
I would call that a feature, designed for less gifted players (such as me self :stuck_out_tongue: )

Playing now in TVHM and Mayhem and everyone is 49 to 51 now, so it better! :smiley:

Although I did notice some map in Nekrotafeyo, I think, with large mostly empty middle area. But they can still be traversed quickly with a vehicle! :slight_smile:
And it give some immensity and decadence to Nekrotafeyo, so it might very well on purpose!

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TPS is Borderlands: The PreSequel, the third Borderlands game in the series that came out in October 2014, 2 years after Borderlands 2 and 5 years before Borderlands 3.



And if you haven’t played it, I highly recommend it!

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I might now…

I only played like 1 hour of Borderlands 2 and was not hooked… so I only bought Borderlands 3 with mixed anticipation… But then I got hooked! :smiley:



Oh my god.

At the very least, you need to finish 2!

May I ask what system you are on?