My One X hates me apparently

It says my 360 copy of Borderlands 2 isn’t compatible with my One X yet on the website it says it is. Any suggestions? (My hunch is that its because i’m not connected to Wi-Fi)

In order to use the 360 copy on any XB1, the system has to download the backwards compatible digital version from the MS store. This would normally happen automatically the first time you insert the physical game disk. Obviously, if your XB1/XB1X is not connected to the internet, that can’t happen.

A couple of notes about that too:

  • You will need to keep the physical disk to insert every time you want to play the game, even though the system always uses the installed digital version
  • If you have a GotY edition with the DLC included, you should insert the DLC disk first the very first time to make sure the DLC is properly unlocked in the game.
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Thanks for the help. I kind of figured that might be the case